Ferlin Husky - Suppertime Lyrics

Ferlin Husky Lyrics

Suppertime Lyrics
Come home come home it's suppertime the shadows lengthen fast

Come home come home it's suppertime we're going home at last

Many years ago in days of childhood I used to play when evening shadows come

Then winding down that old familiar pathway I heard my mother call at set of sun

Some of the fondest mem'ries of my childhood are woven around suppertime

When mother used to call from the backsteps of the old homeplace

Come on home Ferlin it's suppertime what I would give to hear that once more

But for me time has woven a realization of the truth that's even more thrilling

And that's when the call comes up from the portal of glory to come home

For it's suppertime when all of God's children shall gather around the table

With the Lord at the greatest suppertime of them all

Come home come home...

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