Ferlin Husky - FLAT RIVER MO Lyrics

Ferlin Husky Lyrics

Flat River, MO, Flat River, MO.
It's been a many a day since I watched her waters flow
If I ain't a got the money to pay
I'm gonna walk every step of the way
Cause I gotta go, back to Flat River, MO.

The clothes on my back have been friends with the ground too long
And my foolish dream of wealth and fame is gone
Each day the hand of failure, wakes me up at the break of dawn
and tells me to go back home to Flat River, MO.

(Repeat Chorus)

I wonder, if Mary's heart has ventured and grown fond
I wonder, if the baby calls her Mom
At night when the city lights and neon signs come on
they don't shine like the moon back home over Flat River, MO.

(Repeat Chorus

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