Ferlin Husky - Big Wind Lyrics

Ferlin Husky Lyrics

Big Wind Lyrics
Big wind's a comin' listen to the hummin' hurry kids be quick don't stall

Big wind's a comin' listen to the hummin' if we don't hurry it'll ge us all

From daylight to dusk we've been a workin' in the dust

Pickin' cotton workin' side by side

Now I can't forget yes I remember yet the way dad looked at me and he cried

Big wind's a comin'...

So scared my lips were scaled I ran across the field

To warn my mom to storm was on its way

I knew I'd won my race when I saw my mommy's face

She turned away and I could hear her say

Big wind's a comin'...

My dad was in the cellar and by now the sky was yellow

The wind's so strong the trees were fallin'

Outside I heard him cryin' as he lay there dyin' I can still hear my daddy callin'

Big wind's a comin'...

Big wind big wind big wind

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