Fat Joe - Your Honor Lyrics

Fat Joe Lyrics

Your Honor Lyrics
[Intro: Fat Joe]
Rihanna Rihanna hey ho hey
Madonna Madonna hey ho hey
Here is a good family nigga
He does give to numerous charities
He did bring back all the money, your honor
"But do it for America"

[Verse 1: Fat Joe]
For the love of drug dealing, bricks to the ceiling
Tits on display, relatives on payroll
Put my moms in the mansion, mink dragging off the yay
Got lifers ready to kill when I say so
C.O slide me cellphones
Speak Italian with my capo, Jesus medallions is extravagant
Sitting in the Porsche like I'm Tony M
Niggas tryna X me out, shoot me off the podium
From luxties to brought peace for crime syndicate
I grind in the mix, you niggas rap into this
Pump cracks out the wall, back at us all
At Lil Wayne's crib writing crack on the wall
Barcelona 9's but these squeeze all
23 shots off a hardened man jaws
For my Chi Town niggas, Joey need a statue
Cause Joey played the dolly in 'em
Shoot like paparazzi, I go Kanye crazy
Then beat a nigga blue like Beyonce baby
Uh, lifestyle of the realest
Step on Donatella when I'm coming out the villa

This shit separate me from the pack
I'm the reason why the Hip-Hop Compton patrolling the block
They must've heard I was cooking with rock

[Verse 2: Action Bronson]
Respective path made, the 850 roof is black suede
Hair slicked back like Pac
Driving glove zipped up speeding tickets getting ripped up
Eating chicken, getting my dick sucked is basic
Ronny fake A6
This f*cking beat make me feel like I'm in the basement
These f*cking drugs make me feel like I'm in the Matrix
With a little trench and a motherf*cking feather earring
You better cherish before I perish
Scuba diving off the terrace
Utilizing my athletics
Supersize me on the lettuce you could keep the beef
Cause I know you're tryna keep your teeth
I like 'em greek with a petite physique
She make me healthy things to eat and never feed me meat
So I keep Chanel on the feet I'm a great man
We table then we ate lamb
Then we shake hands

[Outro: Fat Joe]
I'm not a stranger to the court of law
That's how you got the word for the 57
Niggas yelling out the window "Joe's at it again!"
Joe's at it, Joe's at it, Joe's at it again!
Why crack have to hit so hard?
Niggas yelling out the window "Joe's at it again!"
Said Jojo crack shit's all the same
(As far as rap go, it's only natural I explain)

[Action Bronson:]
Bam bam Bronsolino
Action Bernstein, Action Constanza
Yo DJ Premier live from headquarters
10 to 12 Friday nights
Get with the f*cking program
Listen to that legend
Bam bam Bronsolino in the building Flushing
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