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Welcome To The Darkside Lyrics
I'm gonna steal your mind!
Uh, yeah, yeah!
For me the sound of the trumpets triumphantly playing in my subconsciousness
The sound of the substance burning in my mind every time I'm touching hundreds.
Hustlers know the feeling and they love it, god bless the man several years [?]
Cause all you ever wanted was to find the things who doesn't
You're still getting [?] you played your brother hard
All my shit is wild like I said it from the start.
Around a game of devil, nigger made it out of hell
I started my journey, the day it taught me how to sell
To this day they till try to make niggers to [?]
So f*ck the DA and f*ck sitting in a cell!
[?] on a ninety foot yard
All [?] and my criminals confidants
Toast champagne, celebrate that we're living
If you disagree, a thousand shots is what I'm giving!

Nigger, (I know it's too late now!)
I don't drop a body on 'em
Aha, drop a body on 'em
Drop a body on 'em
Closed casket, nobody saw him

Crime sagas form an entrepreneur of white powder
You should have been clean in night hours
Purchasing firearms, playing God forgiveness
But thank God for money and the pussy that they bring us!
[?] the mind stay, but nigger takes [?]
From the yard the green whip, watch your step
[?] bitch you got money you can keep your thoughts
Just give me [?]
Recognize a don when you're in his presence
[?] thoughts go to Heaven!
Uh, yeah!

I don't drop a body on 'em
Aha, drop a body on 'em
Drop a body on 'em
Closed casket, nobody saw him

[?] you got this?
It's coca, drugs baby, the ultimate rush!
First, I got a few [?] to the good folks of [?] for making a way
Providing opportunities to low income communities
It's [?] to turn your low clouds to a sunny day
But things don't [?]
We take a [?] flood it like Tsunamis in Japan!
[?] but so is the dollars in the souls that it came with
I'm only master of this case,
You got a doctor degree, and trunk full of cane, bitch
Around more pot in the [?]
Nigger, that's our plaque on which you're stepping on!
I put my hell on [?]
Walked to hell on any Sunday just to get this dough!
My God!
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