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The Profit Lyrics
We Get Money Man Ill Show Ya How To Turn Profit In The Hood They Call Me Joey The Profit First You Cop It Then You Cook It Then You Chop It What The F*ck Boy Bitch Ass Niggaz They Cant Stop Us We Turnin Profit Pr Pr Pr Profit Pr Profit We Makin Profit Prprpr Profit Pr Profit Yeah In The Hood They Call Me Joey The Profit If You Listen Close My My Niggaz You Bound To See A Profit

[Verse: Fat Joe]
Im New Yorks Livin Legend The Streets Know Me Well Stand In The Line Of Fire Its Gonna Be Hell You Dancin Wit The Devil Tonights Your Last Night Picture Me Lil Eazy E Pistol Farenheight La County Got Work In Slawson We Get It Poppin Back To Roxburry In Boston The Streets Love Me See They Named Me Coca We The Puerto Rican Version Of Lacostra Nostra You Can Find Me In The Kitchen Wit My Apron On Somthin Like A Chef Yeah I Get My Raekwon On Joey Da Mayor I Get Keys To The City An I Got Em Cheap The Whole Hood Can Come Wit Me Nigga


[Verse: Lil Wayne]
Im Gettin Money Im The President Junior An In Da Hood They Call Me Weezy Da Future An Everybody Dats Around Me Will Shootya
An Nigga My Band Let Em Blow Like Tubas Clack I Got Em I Gg Gottem Cook I Gotem Ggg Gotem G Gottem An In Da Hood Dey Call Me Weezy Da Future If You Listen Close My Nigga You Might See The Future Young Wayne In The Buildin Where Ya Stove At? Cook Em Up Strap Em Down Where The Road At?Strapped Up Plenty Bullets Nigga Hold That How You Steppin Outa Lead Shower Where Ya Robe At I Knock Ya Earth Off Damn Where Ya Globe At F*ck Da Coach I Keep Shootin Like Kodack Da Money Knows Me Betta Then Anybody Bitch Im Paid Forget About It Sittin In A Coup Wit The Titties Out It The Nipples Chrome On Big Black Thang Wit The Slippers On That Ballshit Dippin On Them Bitches Get Off Dick
You Soft Pricks Im From New Orleans Homeless But Dont Forget The Sun Even Shines On Dog Shit An Dawg I Been Hustlin Since The Day I Was Barkin I Walk In This Bitch Like What It Do?The Money Home Stop Hatin Get Ya Money On...Nigga

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