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Story To Tell Lyrics

For every shell that fell
There's a story to tell
They say you hustler then you going to hell
Nah, I know God love's me
Yeah, I know that he f*cks with me
Can a gangster go to heaven
Let me in
I call it survival you call it a sin
I got a story to tell
Yeah, I got a story to tell

[Verse 1:]
Yeah I'm right here
Gun in my right palm
Nigga tried and trap me and cage me like my san
Oh shit this mic on
I'm speaking my thoughts Nigga
You catch a hundred if you speaking in court
I'm feeling like Michael
Just before the verdict
Sweat on my forehead
I'm anxious and nervous
These streets ull eat you if you let em
Cop ull beat you
You pumping diesel then them Jack boys ull beat you
I try and listen more and speak less
Cause all that Barber shop talking ull put a Nigga to deep rest
You on the corner and I'm flying buy
Some foreign exotic mo' f*cker
You know we flying buy
Oh you got nine lives
I got a pine box
You might as well hop your ass in it cause my iron popped
And I ain't lying Ac
Yeah I'm lying hard
Run up on anybody that's supplying my block


[Verse 2:]
I know this Nigga named Shaheim
An old school cat
Did Football numbers
And never once rat
Now he back on the block got em slinging them packs
And his rep's kind of crazy
Known for slinging them Macks
Got a baby with Sandra
Names him K-Sacks
Cause that's where he did his first bid way back
Now this Nigga Sha' got like a memory lapse
Basically you give him work and he ain't payin' back
Now with some connects you could away with that
But he must of f*cked wit the wrong Columbian cats
Now these niggaz comin' strapped they want they money back
And you can't tell the difference cause some of them look black
Now Sha on the block thinkin' life's a joke
And his Mama just had a dream that he might get smoked
But he don't give a f*ck he been through the best wars
Knife to knife
The yard to mess halls
And these niggaz here have something else in mine
Like a hundred shots fired at a pretzel less spine
Uh huh, you guessed it
Just a matter of time
Another soldier down he got hit with a nine


[Verse 3:]
Nah I ain't a rapper
Motha f*ck rap
They snitched on Kim
How lame is that
This game ain't shit
But snakes and rats
Fighting each other for loose change and scraps
My Nigga kicked you right on your back when you down
No life preservers
They wanna see you drown
Pull the trigger myself
They don't want know help
Now the only Nigga tell on myself is myself
Money Power Respect
You heard the Lox
Half these niggaz in here deserve to get popped
I think we another f*ckin Biggy and Pac
So you Mo' f*ckers could have another million man march


Now that Bitch Remy Martin
She's down with us
DJ Khaled
He's down with us
Street Runner , yeah he's down with us
Engineer Drop Yeah He's down with us
Them niggaz Cool and Dre
They down with us
Tony Sunshine
He's down with us
You know he's down with us
Sneaker boy safe
He's down with us
Pistol P
He's down with us
Richie Player
Yeah he's down with us
Alpo - you know he's down with us
DJ Surge
You know he's down with us
LV you know he's down with us
Full Flex and Mickey
They down with us
That boy Troy Carter
He's down with us
Aimee Morris you know she's down with us
You know he's down with us
Them boys Corrupt Money
Yeah they down with us
JB and Young Neach
They down with us
Showbiz born Lord yeh he's down with us
Diggin in the Crates is down with us
My Nigga Opie is down with us
Raulman is down with us
Percie and TA they down with us
Tego Calderon is down with us
The whole Puerto Rico is down with us
Santo Domingo is down with us
Cuba - you know they down with us
Latino's worldwide is down with us
Hector Lafarver is down with us
You know he's down with us
Viva Mexico yeah they down with us
The boogie down Bronx is down with us
Miami Dade county is down with us
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