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Fat Joe Lyrics

Pushing Keys Lyrics
My niggers murder for recreation and that's a fact
Get off your as- real niggers learn to spin a back
Get money f*ck bit-hes ain't no leaving that
Back from africa ain't no prince [?] come in that
This crack would it taste to [?] a soda
Cheese lines [?] f*cking order
Looking at my [?] it's about the time
Looking back at my [?] my seats reclaim
Pay for over pussy bit-hes I am up to the mall
Look around the [?] carrying luis vuitton
Told enough to [?] this bitch to vietnam

The devil with me tell him to [?] three alarm
That bitch used to come joe crack the down
He called her mommy f*cked happy days
Bullets hit you harder than [?] cause push the key
Is necessary mean escalations waiting on the [?] wish to be
Chanel slippers chanel is a striper
[?] rap her so I can kiss her [?] you are sitting on the stairs
I thought got a bold hair bitch.
Used to pose it was all good a week ago
[?] let the weed smoke fill the air [?]
Cause pushin keys is a necessary means escalations [?]
Scream you name overseas whey out there in [?] got a
Yeah nigger try me up try me up
You might know nigger about me
But I don't know anything about you
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