Fat Joe - Okay Okay Lyrics

Fat Joe Lyrics

Okay Okay Lyrics
Lower the music, keep the mic up
Turn the mic up
Yeah uhh, Coca
Okay, okay okay
E Philly I see you nigga
Yeah, yeah

This is on my boy Georges, Tricky's is sellin boulevard
(Tricky boo) My niggaz with buck fifties and bullet scars
Gangster bitches that ain't afraid to kill a broad
You witness the realest nigga to spit this hard
Yeah~! Look at my clothes
Look at these diamonds, look how I pose
Man, take a look at my hoes
Brazilians, Sicilians, got millions of those (AOWW!)
Yeah, who's harder than Crack?
Have the awe to play martyr then I father you back
Bein burst you didn't earth you make you part of the mack
Then I ask the whole block who got a problem with that
You feel me? No joke, no gimmicks (gimmicks)
You f*ckin with niggaz that live the lyrics
Cold blooded, when it's drama ain't tryin to hear it (nope)
That body fresh, you can still see the spirit

'Til my last breath, I'm a rap 'til the death
Whether with wax or sellin cracks on my steps
Great with the knives, much better with the Tecs
Believe me, it's easy, I'll leave you a mess
I'm like yeahhhhhhhh, okay, okay okay
Okay okay, okay
I'm like yeahhhhhhhh, okay, okay okay
Okay okay, okay

Yo, 300 brolic yeah I'm sendin them niggaz
Youse a hot pink skinny jean feminine nigga
I balls 'til I falls then I get back up
And my arms like a gift the way the shit racked up
My ambition to get it - the Bronx still burnin
And them trees stay greener than them eyes on Erick Sermon
I'm swervin, observin, fake niggaz I'm learnin
Him and they gangsters, leave your brains on the curb and
I'm servin, any nigga that want it
I'm not a role model; how could I be? I'm blunted
Joe so cool wearin stunners in the night
Suede in the rain, walkin mud in my whites
Dominican bitch, you can find me in the Heights
Maserrati Ducati about a hundred bikes
Real shit, that's the story of my life
Look at me wrong? I thought gettin money was right


Okay, hahaha
We live the lyrics man
We really run these streets man
Pop your shit off you get too close nigga
Yeah, ain't nobody seein the Squad
The hardest niggaz
Realest niggaz in this whole shit man
I don't wanna hear about you niggaz did time
Them niggaz who's hard - you faggots!
I'm talkin to every rapper
Nobody lived my life nigga
It's Coca, Joe Crack the Don
Want the crown? Come get it nigga
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