Fat Joe - My Man Ski (Interlude) Lyrics

Fat Joe Lyrics

My Man Ski (Interlude) Lyrics
[unkonown speaker:]
You my Muthaf*ckin son!
Alright, faggot bring your muthaf*ckin?
I'm a call you ouuut muthaf*cka!
The muthaf*ckin shit is real!

[Fat Joe]
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Muthaf*ckin real this is Fat Joe Da Gangsta!

Know what I'm sayin?
I got my man ski straight up for see 76 rockers

He wanna say some shit, know what I'm sayin?

[unknown speaker:]
You muthaf*ckin don't buy Fat Joe's records word

Man I'm a kill one of ya'll muthaf*ckas-
I'm a kill your muthaf*ckin faaaaaaamily
Know what I'm sayin?
Ya'll faggot ass niggas out there?
Niggas better buy fat joe's record, faggot!
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