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Life Goes On Lyrics
[Intro: Fat Joe talking]
Yeah, uh, yeah, Loyalty, haha
She was sixteen maybe seventeen, uh
Who you gonna trust?
And Life Goes On (2002)
The timin ain't me, it's like, please goin through wrong
Speak the truth, haha, speak the truth, yeah, yo, yo

[Fat Joe]
She was only sixteen, when I met her I was playin the corner
Had to scream one of her niggas, like get up off her
She was a diamond in the rough, real neighborhood jewel
You would never see her out, 'less she comin from school
At first we started out like sisters and brothers
'Till we finally let it out, and started kissin and huggin
And your moms always dissin me, tryin to get rid a me
I guess she figured out, I had taken your virginity
She was right, sexin all day
When they wouldn't let me in, we be playin the hallway
Talkin all day, bout the stupidest shit
Like if we got rich, what would we do with our chips?
And who was our favorite rappers, it was Nas at the time
We would memorize every single bar of his rhymes
Summertime, kids is playin in the park
I might just ride by, let 'em sprinkle the truck
And Life Goes On

She was sixteen, maybe seventeen
I was eighteen, nineteen maybe a little bit more
(was she a little more), haha ..
Yeah, huh, but Life Goes On

She was sixteen, maybe seventeen
I was eighteen, nineteen maybe a little bit more
hahahaha, yeah, yeah, woof, uh, yo
But Life Goes On

[Fat Joe]
This shit got deeper, you was havin my seed
I couldn't wait to see this little nigga look like me
Sure enough a little fat guy named D'Ryan
Kept us up all night, always bitchin and cryin
I was still slingin fast, the "Flow Joe" came out
Things changed, wasn't the same, wanted to hang out
The groupies was chasin me, rudely awakened me
No longer safe for me, this new world is takin me
You deserve much more than to be mistreated
I was a f*cked up nigga, but at least I admit it
Just to be cool, I helped you through school
So you can have your own career, and don't depend on no fool
Life seems crazy when you look back
I pray to God, that you hook up with a good cat
We can't look at, who's right or who's wrong
But I thought I'd let you know through this song
That Life Goes On

[Chorus: w/ variations]

[Fat Joe]
So I moved on to the next phase a my life
I finally met the women I would make my wife
It was love at the first sight, in the worst way
Shorty kept holdin out, had me thirsty, mercy
Mi shari amor, whisper in my ear
Tell me baby girl is it me that you adore
Used to stay up all night, just bumpin and grindin
Makin plans for the future, how to hustle my rhyme in
Used to drive cross state for like a G a show
A well known famous rapper, but my pocket's is broke
But we kept grindin
Slowly but surely, kept climbin
Pun broke in the doors, now we headlinin
I'm lettin everybody know your my sweetest possession
How you kept me real strong through the deepest depression
Paid no mind to your friends, cause their words is trife
I hold you down for the rest of your life
Cause Life Goes On

[Chorus x4, - w/ variations, until fade]

[After song is over, there is a skit of a man being questioned]
[Man w/ questions:] Look just shut the f*ck up, Joe told us what happened

[Twistin:] Told us what, what happened
[Man:] You're trying to act like you don't know what's going on, but I know
you know what happened that night

[T:] I was drinking Cristal on the right hand side (yeah)
Hennessey on the left hand side
Macho gave it to me, I don't remember after that so, aw

[Man:] You think your a tough guy right (tough guy)
Your not, your a pussy, cause your afraid if you rat on Fat Joe

[T:] Aw, sorry, sorry, hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up

[Man:] Maybe we should put him in a cell and lock him up, until he f*cking talks

[T:] Rat on Fat Joe, what do you mean?
There is no rat on Fat Joe, you disarespect him right now, that's not good

[Man:] Your f*cking busted man, just tell us this shit
Your f*cking baby momma told us

[T:] F*ck it, listen to me, I don't snitch, I'm Twistin alright
I'm f*ckin' TS Member, Terror Squad, Loyalty [echo]
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