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I'm Gone Lyrics
[Intro: Fat Joe]
This is it y'all (Darkside), Darkside Volume One
Hope you enjoyed
We had to take you out classic status, you feel me?
We had to touch it (Darkside) - Yeah!
So I say

[Chorus (sample)]
Peace God I'm gone, I'm gone, I'm on my way
Peace God I'm gone, I'm gone, I'm on my way
Peace God (peace y'all!) I'm gone, I'm gone, I'm on my way
Darkside, Darkside, Darkside
[DJ Premier scratches over fourth line] ("Listen to the situationmy son")

[Fat Joe]
Premo on the beat, yeah I know it sounds different
But his man's just passed, yeah his soul's just risen
Cold, cold, world is the word that was given
As he see me fifteen with the burner out of prison
Gangster - f*ck that, I'm (GangStarr)
Tell Nas (hip-hop's dead) now, my man's gone
As I rise to the top, knee-deep in thegame I survived every shot
Back to life like (Thriller), back to reality
Flipped the light scoop, got everybody mad at me
Uhh, don't let nobody put the battery
'Cause those things'll go 'pop pop' through your anatomy
I'm hungry nigga, I'll eat your flesh
I'ma butcher, chainsaw through your spleen and chest
There's a darkside of Texas too, word to syndicate
No matter how intricate shit gets, the hit you get
Joe Crack, yeah man on fire
Conversatin with the devil, rockin diamond messiahs
Uhh, I seek the truth while the streets admire me
Killers across the world say it's me they inspire to be
Feds on my back from my ties to criminology
Can't look back now, tomorrow's never promised B
Where I'm from, for (president) we voted Eric B
Joe been crack way before my philosophy
Banned from TV, BET won't play me
Still we do it B.I.G. it's all gravy
It's our reality, you call it crazy
But it's a darkside, it's what you made me
No more Mr. Nice Guy - pay me
What you niggaz owe before I come for your babies?
[DJ Premier scratches] "Listen to the situation my son"
So I say


[Outro: Fat Joe]
Yeah! Been in this game for a minute man - seen a lot of shit man
Shout out Forrest Projects man, Diggin' in the Crates Crew
Went to the Amateur Night at the Apollo, won four weeks in a row
That nigga Chris Lighty came and signed me, nigga I had like ten cars
Medallions down to my dick nigga, Davader suits on - haha!
Saved my life nigga, I took a motherf*ckin pay cut to do this shit right hereman
All these rappin niggaz talkin about they dope boys, they real niggaz man
I don't know - I don't see these niggaz, feel me?
So I wanted a lil bit more than that underground shit
Had that army fatigue, the Chuckers
I signed a nigga by the name of Big Pun
That nigga went double plat on niggaz
We was at the Grammy's with motherf*ckin fo' fifths in our waist nigga
So you know Pun passed, I had to carry on tradition nigga
Don Cartagena had to rise to the occasion
All by myself nigga!
Linked up with the R, linked up with Ashanti - the rest was history nigga
Platinum plaques man
We been rollin ever since man, we been bank rollin ever since man
You feel me? That Lean Back was number one song of the f*ckin decade
Check the f*ckin Billboard nigga!
Shit! Niggaz wanna sleep on Crack
Niggaz wanna front onCrack, I said, "F*ck y'all niggaz, I'm goin independent man!"

Make it Rain, threemillion iTunes sold man
I don't give a f*ck nigga!
Fight for my life, this is the resurrection nigga!
Hop out the motherf*ckin casket - brush the motherf*ckin dust off my shouldersnigga!
Yeah - see what you don't understand is that I eat, sleep, drink music man
Nobody knows music like me man - this is what I do man!
All these miserable f*cks man - e'rybody got they f*ckin hand out
E'rybody want you to just come, give 'em money
Go across the world nigga, go earn, come back and give 'em money for free man
Tell them niggaz get a life, get a job, suck a dick nigga
It's Crack bitch!
Welcome to the Darkside - a.k.a. "I Don't Give a F*ck Music" nigga
A.k.a. "I Will Kill You Niggaz Music" - haha!
Seen that nigga Puff surfin on the hood nigga
You killed that Harlem shit bruh - HA!
Yeah, Darkside nigga [echoes]
Azariah I love you baby - that's my little Queen
Ryan what up? Junito what up?
Chu-Chu what up? John-John what up?
Gianni what up nigga? - HA! [echoes]
Little Joe rock on, Little Joe rest in peace
Big Fred rest in peace
Guru [echoes] rest in peace nigga
Now I can officially say hip-hop is dead nigga
Crack nigga
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