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Around The World Lyrics
[Fat Joe]
Is this what it's about baby?
F*ck in the champagne lets
Toast to the cocaine
Put me in the g4 plane
Now we in g5 to go with these eyes
Rolling a 1000 niggers deep
You use to love it
Now it's about just you and me
Bitch you bluffing
I ain't playing
I'm just saying
Let a nigger live
I was f*cking them hoes
I put you where I live

You had the keys to the panorama
Always tryna blame me
You need to blame the mirror
I blame myself for f*cking with you girl but
Couldn't help but love the way the Spanish fit you girl
All that ass, slim waist
Nice walk, cute face, sick taste
Bell Harvard gone miss you boo
And the condo security guards they gonna miss you too

Let's take a trip, let's take a trip, let's take a trip arooooound the world
Oooh [2x]

[Fat Joe]
Got killers on the private
No need for public defenders
When you get the kind of G's that I get
Watch the sunset from up above
I swear to God I seen a trials fall from up above
Let's take a trip somewhere special where there's water
Then we'll take a dip
You can order you some diamonds with a side of grits
Sip mimosa; get f*cked to sounds of Vandross, Luther
You know listening might lose ya
Don't diss him, he might shoot ya
Paradise is just step away
Look in my eyes I take your breath away

Let's take a trip, let's take a trip, let's take a trip arooooound the world
Ohhhh [2x]

You don't have to run no further baby
'Cause I'ma keeps on doing my thing,

Lets take a trip, lets take a trip, lets take a trip arooooound the world
Ohhh [2x]

All around the world we go
London & Tokyo
Where ever this long journey takes us we'll gooo
If you don't, then I don't care
'Cause I'm gone f*ck
Every bitch around the world
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