Fat Joe - Another Round (Remix) Lyrics

Fat Joe Lyrics

Another Round (Remix) Lyrics
[Hook: Mary J. Blige]
I won't be holding back, my love
I won't be holding back
I won't be holding back, my love
I won't be holding back
Cause in the end you'll know I want another round
Another round
Oh I know I want another round
Another round

[Chris Brown]
I used to want you and her and her
And you with her and her
And now you got me alone and me tonight
I'mma give you my all
All I want is you

[Verse 1: Fabolous]
Hair in a bun cause sometimes your hair just hides your beauty
Swear on my son, ain't too many things could hide your booty
Call me what you like, but bet I slide with cutie
Kenny name wasn't Bud, but he still ride with Rudy
And that's why we comfortable as a Huxtable
You been around since the Lunchables, girl I f*cks with you
In the back of the truck with you, same fingers I chuck with two
I'm just playing with you, thinking bout staying with you
Not forever but at least until the A.M. with you
Still playing with it, but you like it raw
Might need a morning after, what we did the night before
Might go another round if you're trying to fight me more

[Hook: Chris Brown]

[Verse 2: Fat Joe]
Cake cake cake cake cake, I know you love it
Icing like Nuvo with a touch of red velvet
Look at you, you a star
I'm a G, Joe the Don
Super thief, I go hard
In these sheets, I'm a God
Lord, Emilio Pucci leggings for good behavior
I wanna tear them shits off you like Hulkamania
Then dive up in the pussy, Superfly Snuka
Have you coming back to back, more sex to cook up
But ask the girl will I hit advance
She post it out picture perfect, Instagram
I hit home runs and drain last shots
She tore her ACL from all the backshots


[Verse 3: Kirko Bangz]
See, she done came down
Double cup with ice
Man, I think she got some drink from me
Ever since I came round
She say she feel wrong
Cause her boyfriend listen to me
I don't give a damn bout it
That nigga, if he trip, I got a whole clique of killers with me
See, I'm the man now
Rolling 24's through the hood, women checking for me
Girl, I ain't playing 'round
Pull up to the crib, hope you wearing something special for me
And I'mma lay it down
Round one, two, and three for you and me

[Hook: Chris Brown and Mary J. Blige]
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