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Fat Joe Lyrics

Another Day Lyrics
[Intro: French Montana]
Crack, sometimes you have to take it a day at a time
You know when you hear that HAAAN! {"StreetRunner"}

[Chorus: Tiara Thomas]
Just another day, livin' in the hood
Just another day around the, way
Livin' good today
I hear the [gunshot] but I'm here to stay

[Interlude: French Montana]
HAAAN! Just another day, livin' in the hood
Just another day in the hood
Didn't have to use the K today, ahh
Made it through another day, ahh - HAAAN!

[Fat Joe:]
In my hood everyday niggas get locked down
Best friends hit on your girl and get 'em knocked down
Teachers tell you quick "You niggas'll never be shit"
Dropped so much coke in the water could've make the sea sick
All I hear is sirens and sounds of guns blastin'
A little girl went missin' but ain't nobody askin'
My nigga Lil Troy hit the bank said he need cash
Seen him on the news I guess he forgot the ski mask
Strippers and celebrities, Instagram's a lick
Niggas rantin' 'bout gay, cause ignorance is bliss
Shorty changin' food stamps just to get high
Listenin' to Stevie, (Ribbon in the Sky)
Homie reminiscin', I'm keepin' him in my prayers
Cause Joe Crack cares, even if no one else cares
See me on the screen but I'm still the same G
They thought I'd never see outside of 5V

[Chorus 2X]


[Rick Ross:]
Uhh, welcome home my nigga Joe Crack {"M-M-M"}
Bust a bottle of that black shit, let's go

New seven series charcoal gray Bimmer
Joe Crack, dope boy, nigga Don Cartegena
All the sixes we collect (HUH!) bitches we could sex (HUH!)
Phone still tapped so it's best to send a text (haha)
Go and do a bid, back home just like a king
Bucket full of crab, money bags that we seen
From Rikers to Fisher Isle, digits to digits pilin'
New Wraith with soft plates, long as the bitches smilin'
Ciroc boy, AP on the rocks (rocks)
New Sunseeker, four mil' on a yacht (WOO!)
I came from the mud, Def Jam the new plug (what)
Five gold joints and still gets no love
I walk the same block, rode the same trains
We f*cked the same bitches, whipped the same cane

[Chorus 2X]

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