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9th Wonder Lyrics
Darkside! You know it mean more to me when a nigga really live them lyrics you know!
Yeah! I mean like when I listen to a nigga I be like yeah I remember
Uh Heh! I don't really remember them niggas, puttin it down like that

[Verse 1]
Wonder why the flow retarded, 'cause the shit we are
The authentic more realer than you fake niggas pretendin
Uh! Late night long drives our main agenda
Get money f*ck every bitch before we end up
Dead in the pine box make sure it's a hundred thousand
I grew up in public housin boilin crack in water fountains
Young and on the park bench fantasizin
Same spot he got shot and they cant revive him
Darkside is a tail of addictions
Turn your moms into a fiend 'cause you addicted to pitchin
Uh! You gotta get the cuban three kilos!!!
Giovanci the heat's on me
Got knocked turned quiet bet ya sing off key
Nah man I stay Cool like D.R.E.
Living rooms with swimming pools filled with P.Y.T.'S
Fresh pair of J's and some P.R.P'S you know!

Yeah Uh!

[Verse 2]
Just me and my bitch, in the two seater
Mink floor in the wind, that'll move Peta
Get me a pot and a stove and I could move pieces
Thirty six of them o's I bought a Mona Lisa
Got more white chicks than a sorority house
While Fox News quick to point minorities out
I gotta admit he kinda tip, bad don't mean he gonna
Pointed her out the crowd and her son's a punta cana
Put her in some pumps and designer Chanels
She got her pussy wet enough to douse the fires and hail
Got the iron on my seat and I pull up blastin
9th Wonder on the beat and it's a f*ckin classic!

Uh! Yeah! I wanna shoutout my brother Brent T.A.T.
Bio, Nice and B.G. Shoutout to Shane 125th!
Uh! Coke too I see you, forever king!
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