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Fall Lyrics

Hostile Lyrics
Nobody ever gave him a good turn. what do you expect? he was always let down. they never wanted to let his action down. but also they wanted it sublime sheffieldism and equality equally. he was
S in the middle for him. on the fields. brooklands. they said tone it down. we all understood him. but he is hostile.

We are the elite gangsters of the damned, criminals of the damp. you must come with us, and hunt down - the hostile.

For years they have believed we were inspired by the holy spirit and the work of god. they still recognize that many prominent n.c. members are wonderful people. theyre warm, intelligent, but t
Ly misguided.

Slowly, painfully, he become disillusioned. they call us "shadowy." anti-hostile. they demand to know, with a touching, naive faith of the individual. hostile.

Many times, brothers, have they tried to discredit out gangsterism. and now were old, the elite of the damned.

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