Everly Brothers - Claudette Lyrics

Everly Brothers Lyrics

Claudette Lyrics
well i got a brand new baby and i feel so good
she loves even better than i thought she would
i’m on my way to her house an i’m plumb outa breath
when i see her tonight i’m gonna squeeze her to death

claudette, pretty little pet claudette
never make me fret claudette
she’s the greatest little girl that i’ve ever met
got the best lovin that i’ll ever get
from claudette oh oh claudette yeah yeah claudette

well i’m a lucky man my baby treats me right
she‘s gonna let me hug and kiss an hold her tight
and when the date is over and were at her front door
when i kiss her good night i’ll holler more more more


when me an my new baby have a date or three
i’m gonna ask my baby if she’ll marry me
i’m gonna be so happy for the rest of my life
when my brand new baby is my brand new wife

end with chorus

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