The Last Time Lyrics by Eric Clapton

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The Last Time Lyrics
I know you've tried to say, that
It's the last time
I can see it in your eyes
I can feel it when I'm holding you
And you're as cold as ice.

It's the last time
I can taste it in your kiss,
I can hear it in the silence
And we both know what it is,
It's the last time

There's nothing I can say
I haven't said before
If I've made mistakes along the way
I can't have loved you more
There's no side of me I'm hiding
No new way to make you care
I've tried everything I can and still
The feeling isn't there... and

It's the last time
And I can't belive it's true
If I had a chance with anyone
I swear my chance was you.

It's the last time
And I'm angry and I'm scared
And I don't know what I'll do
When I wake up and you're not there,
It's the last time

It's the last time
I just can't believe that you don't need me
The last time
I juts can't belive that you would leave me
The last time
I'll be such a lonely man, belive me
The last time

The last time
Now I'll have to spend my nights without you
The last time
Now I'll have to fight my dreams about you
The last time
I would change your mind if I knew how to
But it's the last time...

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