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The Steve Martin Lyrics
[Parrish Smith]
Sick em champ...

Well I have a new dance, that you all must learn
You may have seen the Pee-Wee Herman but it's had it's turn
Now this brand new dance, I know you not with it
You might break your neck, to really try to get it
If you seen the clumsy movie it was called The Jerk
You had to check out Steve Martin as he started to work
He was doin freaky moves with his feet and head
With his blue farmer suit and his big Pro-Keds
Now if you wanna learn it, it really takes time
That's why I'm here now tellin you this rhyme
And if you never seen it, then I'll be startin
My brand new funky dance, called the Steve Martin
Like this... get em Steve, get em
Get em Steve, get em Steve, get em
Get em...

Like this...

[Erick Sermon]
Well the dance is def, and it's gonna last
I don't really think any other dance will pass
All the dancers out there tryin to freak on the floor
When they see me do the Martin they try to ignore
When they see my dance, they came to a surprise
I caught the suckers ducks speakin eye to eye
While they bitin my stuff, like I wasn't there
But they didn't have the right so, I didn't care
Sway your arms around your back, then across your chest
Do the crazy leg sweep from right to left
It's the Steve...

[Parrish Smith]
Like this...
Get em Steve, get em Steve, get em...
Get em Steve, get em Steve, get em...
Get em...

Well it's back to the man on the mic you see
Because I'm stuck to my dance like a dog on a flea
Now I know my dance is the funky dance comin
Pee-Wee Herman (BizMarkie) was pumpin (but mines is jumpin)
It's the Steve...

Like this, sick em champ
(Steve Martin's in full effect!)
Sick em champ
(Yo Steve's a weasel! Show em how your Steve Martin go)
Get em Steve, get em Steve, get em (repeat 4X)
(Ahh yeah, Steve Martin in full effect)
EPMD, strikin once again, funky fresh in the flesh
(True, yo, PMD! Oww, yeah...)
I be the P double E-M-D in the place
(Yeah check this out P, I think this is the last record of the album...
Awww we made it!)
Yo yo what time is it?

[Erick Sermon]
Nineteen eighty-eight is so great, and eighty-nine even better
And don't forget, to take off that hot sweater...
Yeah check this out y'all!
We got this funky track, ahh, yo yo yo
Check this out homeboys
Because we dope, the dope-di-dope-di-dope-di-dope
The dope-di-dope-nope-we-ain't-no-joke
No-joke-no-joke, so PMD!! Yo!!
We ain't no joke, no-joke-no-joke-no-joke-the-dope
(On the Columbo tip!)
I'm the real deal homeboy, for real
(On the strength!)
Because we in there, yes we in there
And we're outta here, like last year
(We lost the bandwagon, because I'm housin...)
We goin straight for the kill because you're loungin
(I'm Strictly Business!)
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