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Puttin' Work In Lyrics
(feat. Raekwon)

[Raekwon:] Back-up from the Bronx, Uh
[Raekwon:] Psycho Iko
[PMD:] Yeah
[Erick Sermon:] E-Dub
[PMD:] This ain't nothing but drama

[ODB Cut:] "Psycho, Killer, Norman Bates"

[Parish Smith:]
Who's one of the dopest MC's rockin mics for years (You)
Ask any cat in the streets and he'll point right here (Uhu)
Shine everywhere I go without droppin shit for years
Niggaz know this nigga, _Crossover_ to _Golddigger_
Come with the broken language like Smoothe da Hustler and Trigga (Uhu)
My bombs are bigger, can't touch a harmless figure
Cause is stay razor sharp like my name was RZA
PMD built a dynasty like Jigga

Yeah, P my nigga, time to cock back pull the trigger
He a bigger nigga with figures but I'm a bigger nigga
Duh, I'm a snub nose, I'm way above those
I got beef and I sit 'til the club closed
Lights come on, I'm bombin
Viet-Nam-em, Napalm-em, AK I calm them
Mom like "Who harmed them? "

[PMD:] I don't know, but they put em in the news and Saddam'd 'em
[Raekwon:] And nobody warned 'em

This is what it sounds like when you puttin work in
Like Norman Bates pullin back the shower curtains (Uhu)
Or like in _Headbanger_ black birds chirpin
This is what it sounds like when you puttin work in

Mausberg heavy (Check, puttin work in)
Tec-9's steady (Check, puttin work in)
Shotgun heavy (Check, puttin work in)
Machine gun's ready (Check, puttin work in)

We from the era of the red white and green sweater
Cream getter, gleam better
You know what? the team is clever
F*ck niggas up get drunk pull out a bigger pump
Sell crack, all day rep, rock the meanest leather
Flip you all day chump, mad make you pay
No doubt, gun in his mouth, he leanin on Broadway
HipHop gangsters for real, check the archives
Four Fives, knives, catch you in the sunrise
Powerful impact, boom, from the canon
This is not slain to take mine, take this ammo with it
Big boys, pretty boys, shottin pretty toys
Pull out the new joints and lower the noise
The records that we make straight classics
Built for Benzes, Astons, high powered assassins
Put that major work in, holler, blash the collar
Erick, Parrish, mash them dollars up

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