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Put On Lyrics
Put them on, put them on
Shiesty motherf*ckers
Recognize that check it

Yo we build and destroy, black Benz's and the convoy
Use a different 9 to valoy, metal, money caught it in his velcro
Another shell split his elbow, a good fellow
Like Jimmy Chochimes, he tote two nines, two dimes
Caught the guard block and at the shoe shine
Yeah he just got word about his man James Dean from Queens
Hit a bank and shot a guard in the spleen
With Bill Blast, he made a dash smash the cash
Ran two blocks pulled off the ski mask
But then started flippin', forced in the phat whip and
People started talkin', po-po started sniffin',plus
He never hit James Dean with the cream
So James put a hit to catch him on the scene
The police got a tip from a girl he use to run with
Sell guns with, trees and mack clips, yeah
She was nice, drove a 5-0 twice, on the cell all night
With more hoes than Heidi Fleiss
And the girl drove a black Infinity, moving keys to Kennedy
Different name everyday fake identity
They made a deal and copped a plea and turned state
So at the house the police wait with Jeds caught him in his 8
50 that's how the streets be moving shiefty
Found Billy and he slipped and paid quickly
Different day but the same song, life goes on
So watch the street kid, cause it's a put on

That's how it goes down, down on the under [x2]

[Erick Sermon:]
I seen Will on the corner, Flatbush and Park Slope
Shippin' two pounds of coke with 2 O.G.'s in his bear coat
Chrome neena, rollin' with this bitch named Catrena
Undercover queena that pack a street sweeper
5 years for doin' Fed time for extortion
And a jail up in Boston for major jewel flossin'
Hits safes quickly can hear a black Jamie Summers
Pick the right numbers and have mad runners
Or Hardcore Lil' Kim, Queen Bee Bitch
Who never snitch, played the game and never rode the bench
Will swear up and down this bitch will kill at will
For her family, no fantasy, a James Colamity
Time for the score, from Hammerton to Marine Park
Gotta get there, before it get dark, we arrive
She reload the black 45, concealed by the waist line
And nows hte time, she jumped out the car
In front was a Hummer, two new comers, I never seen before
I approached tall Joey "Who's those guys lookin' wise?
Had my black ass surprised."
A-yo yo yo it's a set up, where's the doe, uh
Where's the loot, give it to me and don't get cute
Catrina pulled the weapon, shot Joey
The other two guys pulled out and aimed, explain
Yo, she hid the two kids with Joey, she didn't know
Cause she paid more doe for 'em
Will screamed "You bitch!" "Sorry" she said
Then boow! Will got lit
That's how it goes down, down on the under
They drove off quickly in the black Hummer
Never trust no matter what the dance or song
Cause it could be a put on

[Hook x4]
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