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Please Listen to My Demo Lyrics
[Dub] Yo whassup P?
[PMD] Yo nuttin man just coolin kick back in the studio wit DJ Scratch
and my man Frank B, reminiscin about how we was tryin to shop
our demo and everybody was dishin, youknowhatI'msayin?
[Dub] Yo P tell em whassup man

[Verse One: Parrish Smith]

We was coolin in my car one day you see
Clockin a double nickel on the L-I E
When it dawned on us that it was, ten o'clock
Turned on the tunes to hear the DJ's rock
The hands got to clappin, the fingers got to snappin
E and I was coolin, with his mans, he was snappin
In and out of fantasies on how large we can get
Coolin in rocks and Benzes with the ground effect kits
I wanted black, E was on the two-tone
Stupid boomin system with the hands-free phone
The dream gets better and I would like to go on
but I was brought back to reality by a toot of a horn
Smoke everywhere, oh just what we needed
On the way to shop our demo and the car overheated
Feelin real low, low enough to die
Holdin up traffic, on the FDR drive
We had to play ourselves, in the fresh dipped gear
E Double had to push while MD steered
There went our dreams, to cruise in golden limos
And all we kept sayin was please listen to my demo

Please listen to my demo [x3]
Please-please-please-ple-please listen to my demo

[Verse Two: Erick Sermon]

In the year eighty-seven when we first took off
when I jumped to P-6-8 and broke North
Walkin the big city streets of Manhattan
Buildings, whole nine yards, so enchantin
Thinkin if we got a chance, we could rock it
Funky fresh demo tape in my pocket
We was walkin, and got dissed twice today
Then we stopped at 1974 Broadway
We walked in with grins on our chins
And P had juice from Mr. Virgo Simms
He played the tape and we started to laugh
Played ?if it was sock? and they swoop and backstab
People start to smile inside we buckwhylin
Sayin this all started back from freestylin
They liked it, and they were very kind
But me and P was like, "Yo E, where do we sign?"
Went in the backroom, things was luvy duvy
Met Ron Resnick, and his partner Juggy
Things was cool, as I remembered
We signed the dotted line, now we Fresh Record members
Had dreams, of fancy cars and limos
And I wanted was somebody, to listen to my demo

Please listen to my demo [x3]
Please-please-please-ple-please listen to my demo
Please listen to my demo [x2]
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