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Play the Next Man Lyrics
[Erick Sermon]
What's up wit that homegirl, why you frontin
My raggamuffin, c'mon, help me wit somethin
You like me, I can tell by your wicked actions
I wanna rock wit you like Michael Jackson
(coughing) Erick, what slow down, baby
You're not Seal, so why you actin Crazy
I wanna be your man, the whole nine sounds cute
Us buggin out, and us knockin boots
But you, you wanna go out and start cheatin
Hangin Tough like the New Kids every damn weekend
Thinkin I'm stupid, girl, you must be buggin
The boy you messin wit is my cousin
Tryin to play the E-Double wit the old weak flim flam
Don't play me and reach out for the next man

Don't play me, play the next man [x4]

I was wonderin why you went to work everyday
OK, yea, maybe to get extra pay
But when you stepped out, you was dressed to impress
(How fresh) so fresh, that you walked wit finesse
Word is bond, I could've sworn you was minglin
The way you was movin, the way your earrings was jinglin
Of course, you was messin wit the Boss
Not Bruce Springsteen, your boss drove a Porsche
Remember, you went to work one night
While me and D-Wade was home watchin the Mike Tyson fight
You said goodbye, gave me a couple of kisses
I peep the coat I didn't buy you for Christmas
You went out to a fancy restaurant
Came in actin all nonchalant
Asked you a question, shook up like Elvis Presley
Your makeup smudged, your hair messy
Shh, quiet, I caught cha
Tell him my name is Parrish Smith, I used to mess wit his daughter
Yes the Mic Doc and I'll be damned
Don't play me, play the next man


[P - PMD, E - Erick Sermon, B - Both]

[P] Now if ya girl's on your back Jack, cut her like a lumberjack
(Cut her off, cut her off)
[E] And if your man done son, trade him in for a new one
(Cut him off man, cut him off)

[P] So if ya man is runnin wild, slow em down, school em Jack
[E] Before he plays you off, girl [P] just to prove a fact
[E] And get your feelings hurt kid [P] plus your heart broken
[B] Bust it ("Can't truss it!")
[P] What [E] a relationship [P] friendship
[E] Hardship [P] fell on the booze when ya boy tripped
[E] So pick ya pride up boy [P] oopsy daisy
[P] See ya [E] Audi Ghost Patrick Swayze
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