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EPMD Lyrics

Pioneers Lyrics
[Erick Sermon]
And you don't quit
Yeah, pioneers one time (one time, two times)
Yeah, Erick Sermon boy

[Parrish Smith]
Yeah, we rap, where you at? (mic check)
"Check this out!"
Aiyyo, who wanna step up and get their cranium cracked
from my man +Louis+ from the +Ville+, Slugger baseball bat
Cock back gats, cause rugged apparel's where it's at
So stand back, we flash a nine before the jack and squeeze triggers
blazin at one-hit wonder niggaz like Smoothe Da Hustler
I still sneak over and f*ck your babysitter
No quitter, microphone's my transmitter
which clocks figures, in return, the track's the _Gold Digger_

[Erick Sermon]
Huh me? I buy ice for no one
Rap shogun, so I bought myself a gun
Yeah Dunn, ain't the one to be steppin to son
I agree with Slick Rick, you cats is crumbs
My squad gets Dumb and Jim Carrey you ought the buildin
messin around with God's children
I take action, like film crews
You against me, face to face, you'll lose!

[Chorus: Erick Sermon, Parrish Smith x2]

[E] Here comes two big pioneers, Rolex watches
Cars by the pairs, in stock we got shares
EPMD.. "That's right!"
[P] Legendary, hardcore b-boy is the pedigree

[Erick Sermon]
P and I don't stop, we don't quit, who's seein em?
On tracks, we Ruff Ryde like D and them
Then case the joint, like an agent, that's secret
Cats hate, so we on point frequent
E keep it decent, had to smack a dude recent
right down the block, from the precinct
See you a punk, that talk too lenient
When I speak to a motherf*cker, I MEAN IT!

[Parrish Smith]
So Open Sesame, and let down the main gate
But before you scream EPMD, you should wait
Cause we roll with a posse, from Strong Long to Canarsie
QBC, Boogie Down Bronx, back to Marcy
Pass that kiko, I drop a verse that sound slick yo
and your chick know, P's hungry, like the hippoes
Suck on no nipples, but duck cats, quick to stick you
like a pin-up, workin out, and doin chin-ups


[Erick Sermon]
Huh, aiyyo my style flows, say it liquidates
It's best when it hits the beat and catch the breaks
Two time felon, f*ck around with me
and my man pussycat and catch two to the melon!

[Parrish Smith]
Then I be like, "Yep yep," just like Teddy, +Raw+ like Eddie
Sweaty, when I hold shit down and bake like Betty
And when I want things to move, I blink like +Bewitched+
to handle shit in the dark, red lights, with the laser hit

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