EPMD - Never Defeat 'em Lyrics

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Never Defeat 'em Lyrics
(feat. Method Man)

[Erick Sermon:]
Yes! Yes
Aiyyo... how do you play it, James Brown'll say it
P and I'll relay it, DJ'sll DJ it
I must go hard, then take charge
Illmatic MC Dub I'm like Nas
Own a couple of cars parked in my garage
A crew less than chicks, I call them DeBarge
I can't be defeated, nope, the judge is in now
Y'all can be seated, all lames can beat it
I know there's a few who thought we might lose
Resurrect, like Pete Rock, to C.L. Smooth
News - there's no gettin around this homey
P and I's a brand name we in your house like Sony
Long Island's best, yes we got a few of them
Rakim, P.E., ain't no doin them
Rocked Apollo, and there's no booin them
Money up front ain't nobody screwin them

What you say, what you say now
So what you say, what you say now
What you say, what you say now
So what you say, what you say now
Yup - what you say, what you say now

Yeah... with the heat
Method Man

[Method Man:]
Yo, nuttin to lose cause I got nuttin to prove, I'm rugged
Who be like f*ck it if I fart in my shoes, you love it
I'm cold (brrr) trust it ain't really no room to discuss it
Leave niggaz disgusted I shit on they life and flush it
Not only make that green but puff it, easy come easy does it
You bring the dutches, I'll "Bring Da Ruckus" (wrong one to f*ck with)
I ain't no puppet, ain't no pullin my strings to public
It's he the rugged, y'all ain't bustin them things, so bust it
I'm at my rawest when you give me a stage and a cordless
I can't call it, eat my shit leave stains in the toilet
The Staten Island nigga chewin ya ears
Cause y'all don't do it like we doin it here, and that's clear
This Cash Money, dates back to crack money
And crash dummy corny-ass raps don't get no dap from me
My dudes is hungry like they animal son
And eat MC's like a cannibal, ONE


[E-Dub (Meth):]
(This is dedicated to e'rybody ain't think I had it in me)
(Knahmsayin?) Word (Talkin 'bout they ain't feelin me)
(F*ck you I ain't feelin you!)

[Parrish Smith:]
The bad guy always win cause he prey on the weak
In the band, church, schoolyard and street
That's why the P stay A-L-E-R-T
With the A-R-1-0 sittin right next to me
One of the tag team champs, share the belt with E
Mess with us get disposed of properly
Ain't no one stoppin me, P's prophecy
Was to recollide with the Bandit, EPMD
Cause we got a passion for the mic like +A Passion For Christ+
We got a passion for life, trunk jewels, chrome and dice
But no snake eyes, or we break guys and then break fly
Leave the Lakeside on a time-out like take five
Expect the blessin or yo you'll be gone quick
You wanna talk crazy wreckless, you wanna talk slick?
You can't control your anger homey so you lost it
Now the Squadron comin through - so what'chu want kid~?


Nuttin but heat huh, yup
It's all over
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