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Mr. Bozack Lyrics
[P - PMD, E - Erick Sermon, B - Both]

[P:] Good morning Mr. Bozack, time to wake up the nuts
(For what) to hit the shower, so I can wash the butt
[E:] Damn (Last night was crazy) word life, I had a blast
[P:] It was ass for days, nuts had a full tank of gas
[E:] Golly, G, word P, tits and VD
[P:] Pussy kicking louder than my Alpine Benzi, box
[E:] Yes, I fresh, sweet like gumdrops
Pay me like Oprah and no one to cockblock
[P:] Slow down big fella (why) I think you're gassing me
[E:] P, get off my big dick, chill, stop harrassing me
[P:] Your dick, you mean my dick and don't forget
Now let me scrub that head because it smells like fish
[B:] Mr. Bozack (repeat 2X)

[E:] That's your fault, black (explain) no jim hat
You got in some fly shit and stuck me in bear back
Smarty, what happened over there at the party
Was it Vodka and smeared on a bit of Bacardi
[P:] No dick (don't call me that) sorry Mr. Bozack
But you didn't help, talking bout (where the hoes at)
[E:] I was hard (how hard) hard enuff to buck
(Shit, you didn't rush the pussy) see, I stuffed her like a duck
[P:] Mr. Bozack (what) you went out like a sucker
[E:] Not me, G, P, cuz you the one who bucked her
[P:] Hachoo (God bless you) damn, here's a tissue
[E:] Yo, P I'm feeling sick
[P:] Relax, what can I get you, Tetracycline
[E:] No a penicillin cap, it burns
[P:] Yo, chill Mr. Bozack
[E:] No, I can't believe that (cool Jack) screw that
All you had to do was wear a jim hat
[P:] I reached for one, but didn't quite make it
She grabbed on your head piece, I couldn't quite take it
Now lounge Mr. Bozack, stop cryin like a wuss
Now bone up the nuts, g, cuz yo, there's more puss
[E:] Look, P, the B-O-Z is like Audi
[P:] Audi like who
[E:] Motherf*ckin Kurt Gowdy

It's the jim... owwww, it burns
Don't worry, G, I'll have ya hooked up on Friday
We'll go get the shot real quick
Everything will be copestetic
Oh what the hell all, got to stab this hoe cake right?
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