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EPMD Lyrics

Listen Up Lyrics
(feat. Teddy Riley)

[Vocoder lines:]
This is something that all you need to hear

EPMD, TR, Harlem, Long Island

[Erick Sermon:]
Ayo, some people say that I'm magnificent
Not cause I'm the best, because I'm different
I'm not you, one hit wonder
This is true, your career is through
Mines is thrivin
I'm still fresh as the cars I'm drivin
I'm on bay risin high
I'm top villain
I get the money and I don't care
Handle my heart, I swear, yeah
I'm in my element
I hold weight, something like a elephant
Dub, the most creative, New York native
If Jesus died then who gone save us? you?
Label heads want me to Jim Carry the rhyme
On a down and get airtime
I can't talk ignant, no
I got some intelligent folks that's diggin this
So that's how I'm givin this

Listen up, listen up
This is something that all you need to hear
Listen up, listen up
We gonna jump this off all night, do the thing all year
Listen up, listen up, listen up
We made it easy to dance to this
Listen up, listen up
Come on everydody sing it, dun dun dun

[Parrish Smith:]
Shh, quiet, look who done stepped in the place
It's the bandit, mic doc, time pick up the pace
EPMD back in sake, we see the look in their face
Me and their haters the mans, the players and the fans
Already told the non belivers that the lord have a plan
Look at here and the way spit, the flow is sick
Better thighten up your click, see what they doin, evict
Leave the back door open, that's the end of you shift
That's why we in, we hustelin, strong arm muscelin
Bustin like we lookin for weapons of mass destruction in
Hoodies on, dressed in black
Fatigue camouflage, and power like we just came from Irak
We learned not to look back, we turn the stone in crack
It's the return of the boom bap
Yeah HipHop is back, peep the track
It's P and the green eye, some Long Island guys
Are you all surprised?


Ayo, even though I never hear DJ sayin it
Yeah EPMD is washed up and we ain't playin it
Yeah, like I care, you ain't stoppin nothing over here
I got four seats up in the Lear Jets
Bet I'm ok, you hate your
No payments, all ass payed for
Not the one to brag, but for you I dodged
Cause you don't respect, that's what I expect from you


[Vocoder: til end]
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