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Jane 3 Lyrics
[Parrish Smith:]

One hot summer day back around the way
A new kid moved onto the block and his name was Jay
Jay was cool, he trucked jewels, packed a nine mil
yeahhh, and kept his Smitty's on his tool

[Erick Sermon:]

Anyway Jay portrayed to be like gard
So we took him in, and put him down with the Hit Squad
His house was phat, full court in the back
Jacuzzi in his bedroom, a welcome on the doormat

[P:] Plus AZT, full house alarm system
One rottweiler, one pitbull, no one could vic him
[E:] Something strange about the crib, I had to think
Why the whole god damn house was dressed in hot pink
[P:] Yo Jay, where's your bathroom, bust a move I gotta piss
[E:] Three doors on the left homeboy, ya can't miss
[P:] My head was busted
[E:] Disgusted
[P:] I said, "What's goin on?"
I seen a douche bag, and Safety maxi-pad tampons
[E:] Left the bathroom, went back where I was
[P:] Tapped Jay on the shoulder and said,
[E:] "Eiyyyooo cuz"
[P:] "I thought you lived alone"
[E:] "I do"

[Parrish Smith:]

"Are you certain?
There's bras and leotards, hangin on the curtain
Yo Jay what's your problem, homeboy you look stunned
What are you doin? Put down that knife... where's my gun?"
Shit's thick, I reached for my tool I wasn't strapped
Left the nine in the car, right next to the jim hat
It's my ass, I better think fast real quick
I got a flashback *AHH* from a Bruce Lee flick
Got in my stance

[E:] Don't lie
[P:] Kay I broke for the door
Tripped on some bullshit in the living room floor
Jay rushed me, I grabbed him, scooped him up in the yoke
[E:] Ahh Shit
[P:] Kicked him in the nuts
[E:] That's ALL she wrote
[P:] It was like Rapunzel
[E:] Rapunzel?
[P:] Down came his hair
[E:] Titties popped out
[P:] And there was ass everywhere
[E:] Jay a transvestite?
[P:] Not quite he was more like
J to the A to the N to the E
[E:] Yo P, don't tell me, you went out like a sucker
[P:] Chill, took off that mustache, grabbed that ass and I f*cked her
Peace, I'm Audi 5000 *laughing*
[E:] Audi 5000
[P:] Ahh shit!
All of that real shit, you know what I'm saying?
[E:] Jane? Haircut, haircut like Anita Baker?
[P:] The whole shit. Yo E, the whole shit, you know what I'm saying?
Nah you can't man, I ran right up in her like Bruce Jenner
[E:] But better
[P:] Right in there man, I didn't even care, are you crazy?
Was that holdin me up?
[E:] Don't tell me it was Jane you were juicin
[P:] Sheiit, kick it E!
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