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Jane Lyrics
[Erick Sermon:]
Hangin out one Sunday night, up at Grand
Yes, me and my man (P) plus the fam
Walked in like we owned the joint, packin the joint
Sound bangin, Supreme DJ on point

[Parrish Smith:]
Straight to the V.I.P. (yo P)
Yo E, what'chu thinkin? (Hennessy, what you drinkin?) Goose

[Erick Sermon:]
We can ball like people with riches do
What? I don't like champagne, but bitches do

[Parrish Smith:]
10 minutes later, females walkin up
To the velvet rope (LET ME CLEAR MY THROAT!)

[Erick Sermon:]
Six come in, one in particular
Had a devilish grin (shorty what's your name?) Jen
But she's bad as hell, smell ridiculous
Back of my mind, I'm thinkin 'bout hittin this

[Parrish Smith:]
Yo, haircut, like Keyshia Cole
Body like a stripper she belonged on a pole

[Erick Sermon:]
Uh-huh, she sat down right between P and I
Like "HI! " Real moist, I know that voice
P tell me (oh no, it couldn't be)
(The J to the A to the N to the E)
Open your cell phone up so I can see
Yup that's she (up in N-Y-C)
A Joe Budden "Jump Off, " I head towards the bathroom
(Yo E this way) Good brains, smartest one in the classroom

[Parrish Smith:]
A gold digger, she eats niggaz like fast food
A Wu-Tang chick, she knows that "Cash Rules"

[Erick Sermon:]
Play me? I'm a G
A pimp like Bishop Don Juan, junk king of bonds

[Parrish Smith:]
PMD, that's that bullshit I'm on
Never get played, no arcade, no games
No dames, P learnt his lesson from Jane
What'chu see is not what you get that's why I stay in my lane
Cause the box'll have you hemmed up, goin insane
On some kiss kiss shit like Chris and T-Pain

[Erick Sermon:]
So off we go, let the trumpets blow
And beware, from the J to the A, she's a hoe
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