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It's Time 2 Party Lyrics
[Parrish Smith]
It's, time, to, party


"Now that I got your attention again I want to"

[PMD] Party.. party.. party.. party
[echoes left to right]

[Erick Sermon]
Get up, shake your butts, feel the rhythm of the cuts
Walk around and strut, then a brother push up
and start talkin, girls and boys are hawkin
EPMD is live from New York and
now I'm bout to rip house, straight up and jump
Move your body, as the bass pumps and thumps
This jam, is a crowd mover
For the girl and the boy with the funky dope maneuver
or for a so-called dancing machine
Cause this record, is strictly for the club scene
Get Off the Wall, this ain't Michael Jackson
It's eighty-nine, it's time for some action
Like dips and dope backflips
while the girlies are movin, and groovin they hips
Enough booty, you could be waxin
Instead you in the corner, maxin and relaxin
Get up, and move your body
cause party people

[Parrish Smith]
It's time to party [x4]

[Erick Sermon] Yo P break it down
[Parrish Smith] Yeah

"Uno, dos, tres, cuatro"


It's time to party [x2]

[Erick Sermon] Yo P break it down

[Parrish Smith]
It's Friday night, no work til Monday
To top it off you just got paid
So you step to the club, boys and girls are GQ
Before you go in, you drink a brew or two
Strobelight spinnin, people grinnin
You're coolin at the bar, drinkin vodka and gin and
your body gets warm, your adrenaline is flowin
People on the dancefloor sweatin and yellin hoe and
you see this fly cutie...
with crazy hips, plus a nice fine booty
Your mind gets to scheamin, you start dreamin
The liquor starts talkin, you get more self esteem and
you step to this lady, "May I have this dance?"
Then she takes you in your arms and she grabs your hands
And while the disc jockey's yelling GET UP, GET UP
GET UP, GET UP, and on the dancefloor
the ladies are freakin moves, you never seen before
Cut up shirts, miniskirts, the whole works
Squeakin moves that make you squint and say
"Damn that must hurt" -- stomachs are showin, aces blowin
And while you're havin fun, spendin your dough and
you reach into your pockets, you reach deeper
And off goes your money beeper
which means you're runnin low on the dough
So you cool with the drinks and you limit your hoes
You grab a seat in the corner, and play low key
Askin yourself over and over how you spent a G
Don't worry now, worry on Monday
And get back on the dancefloor..

It's time to party [x4]
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