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EPMD Lyrics

Intrigued Lyrics
(feat. Das EFX)

[Erick Sermon]
Hit the floor, tuck and roll E's on fire
I'm your motherf*cker, but not Jerry Maguire
I'm the dark skinned, packin Mac-10, who get busy
Effective, puttin shit in the proper perspective

[Parrish Smith]
Strapped with the gat, bustin caps across the map
Yo the crew's back, royalties and ASCAP
I'm six two, fat went with the chrome shoe
Diamond and jewels, estates with the swimmin pools

and the sauna, piggedy-puffin on some marijuana
from Tiajuana, miggedy-mess around and youse a goner
I stash the cash don't flash the cash what?
You figgedy-front on this kid I smash that ass

Chiggedy-check the one two-er, bringin it from the sewer to the land
cross the burnin sand, biggedy-Back to Business with my miggidy-man
Got plans to blow, solidifyin all positions in the game
like coalition, stiggedy-stop look and listen

[Erick Sermon]
to the hot shit, I'm the Tale of that Bronx shit
call me Sonny, with pounds of money
Bringin raw music, call my style SWOOSH
Please say Mister, when you introduce me

[Parrish Smith]
Yeah.. uhhh EPMD and Das EFX, time to flex
like Funkmaster, Back to Business in your tape deck
Steel I hold it, put it together blindfolded
Hangin upside down, bust it, then reload it

Yo, I'm comin up from Virginia, on the linear
Havin dinner y'all, with this dimepiece named Levinia
Cellu-lar ringin, it's Books how ya livin
Fat like Thanksgiving, drop some shit like a pigeon

Yo, the boogie banger, biggedy-black Rover to Ranger
Danger, I'm iggidy-off the planet like Kramer
My iggidy-anger, slaughter, iggidy-out of order
Split your monkey ass in half like Moses split the wiggidy-water

[Chorus: x2]

[E] You intrigued by the way, we do our thing
[P] Do what?
[E] Pick up the mic, hot, and make you swing
[P] Say what?
[E] Pick up the mic, hot, and make it swing
[P] "Yo, cold wax and tax MC's who tend to act ill"

[Erick Sermon]
Any hype, out the door, kill it
Anything the Squadron wants, uhh BILL IT
EPMD out the box we be rockin
We hold the title, like priests hold the bible

[Parrish Smith]
God bless, to any MC who wanna test
Survival of the fittest, f*ck it life or death
with ill manuevers, rapper slash producer
Puttin it down with E-Dub, in the sewer

Some riggidy-real thugs, sex hip-hop and drugs
Liggidy-left burnt rugs, drinkin beers out of gold mugs
Slugs in the barrel, on name brand apparel
Briggidy-bringin drama like John Travolta in Aarow

But niggidy-no need for that, Smith squeeze the gat
Ease em back, or niggaz gon' biggidy-bleed, in fact
it's wiggidy wild shine like the head, of Golden Child
Corrupt styles, sinister smile, we takin bails to trial

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