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I'm Housin' Lyrics
Coolin on the scene like a horse in a stable
A brother got ill and tried to snatch a fat cable
I stepped back, like it wasn't no thing
Punched him in the jaw with the fat gold ring
I had an ace in the hole when it came to that
(Yo P you was packin?) You know I'm strapped
Posse kept rollin it was hard to get with em
So I stepped back, and unbuttoned my Lee denim
They kept coming, just like I figured
So I stepped back, and started sprayin niggaz

[E Double]
What a way to go out, out like a sucker
But I'm on track, like a Long Island train
that can head your mission, suckers who be dissing
Always on my jock like a snake always hissing
Grabbing and tapping me like Luther Vandross
Take me to the bar for the drink and make a toast
Givin best wishes to the best MC
The E the D-O-U-B-L-E
Because I'm housin [x3]

Coolin at a party, no better yet disco
Head feelin mellow from a bottle of Cisco
To crush and fry a sucker MC like crisco
Every chance I get, I try to kill
That's one less sucker new jack, who tried to act ill
I keep the place jumpin til the party's through
Whether it's disco, hardcore, or rhythm and blues
Take off your coat, won't you stay a while
Check out the voice that is smooth and mild
It's like Wheel of Fortune, go on for big money
Come cold rock the party, and leave wit ya honey

[E Double]
Gimme the cue, check one two
Don't try to come off on me, because you doo-doo
Treatin me the E Doubl-E, like a stepchild
Well let me tell you homeboy you're livin foul
MC's, you know who you are
(On the bandwagon) Why P? (Cuz you a star)
This is the year that when the joker's are wild
When a fag can't hack it and try to bite the style
I get hip to the scheme, before it happens
If it gets wild, then I start cappin
But for now, since everything's calm
Relate to the matter as I drop the bomb
As I proceed to rock, the girls are clockin
Some brothers act hard but the rest are jockin
Because I'm housin [x4]

I come on strong, like a bodybuilder
Cast a spell upon a sucker, like witch Matilda
Deliver a rhyme like Federal Express
My intention's not to dis, but impress
For the ladies and gents, the money was spent
To see the E-P-Double-E-M-D (yes the main event)
In concert... not worried bout oos n boos (because we do work)
To make your body jerk
(To make your girl want to leave her man and start to flirt
With the P) Double-E MD Double E'n
I'm not skeezing, but pleasing
All party goers, also behind show-ers
Who like the not, fast slow flow of rhymes that form in my dome
Out the mouth, to the microphone
Because I'm housing [x4]

DJ La Boss, on the scratch
(My homeboy Big Daddy Kane, BizMarkie)
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