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Hit Squad Heist Lyrics
[PMD:] Yo, check this out, man, we're gonna do this, man. We got 2 minutes and
20 seconds to get in and out of there. Yo, Redman, Solo, man don't get in
there and start frontin', man. Hit the vault, get the cash, don't shoot
nobody. Alright?
[Erick:] Tom, set the detonators. [beep beep beep beep]
[PMD:] We 'bout to do this shit...
[Erick:] P, let's do this.....now!

[P:] Freeze! (E: Hands in the air!) Nobody move!
(Mack-10 is packed, so don't break fool)
This is a stick-up, real deal, real steel.
(Full cooperation and no one gets killed.
Hey security old man, don't play hero)
Cuz a hero is a dead man, and a dead man is a zero.
Yo, hoe, pu tht loot in the money sack.
(You reach for the button, and then you gettin' smacked!)
?Check the quotes? (HUH?!) Stutter, mothaf*cka?!
(One more dumb move, P, and I'm-a buck her)
Chill, E. Listen lady, can't afford to do time.
Ome more slip up and your ass is mine.
I need all keys and codes to security boxes,
CDs (Jewels) plus money markets.
(Chill before I bulk like the Hulk, Bruce Banner. Yo Redman) Solo
(What?) Spray the cameras.
All men, women and children please hit the floor.
(Al B.) D-Wade (watch the back door)
Time to get scratch, bring around the 560 (Time check...) Minute and fifty.
(Time keeps on slippin-slippin) (Come on, P, man, ya bullshittin'.
(Hurry up, grab the sack and let's do this.
Pray for the Benz and haul ass like Carl Lewis)
A reminder, a hero's nothin' but a sandwich, Gus.
(This is ridiculous) Say another word (I'll make ya famous)
(I feel like Bustin' Loose!) (P's been hit) (ow) A sharpshooter on the roof.

(Aw shit. Yo Redman, keep the money movin'...Yo Tom J, if I ain't out in 10
seconds, blow this mothaf*cker up and everybody, y'hear me?)
[Police] (You have 15 seconds to put your weapons down and come out with your
hands up. 15...14...13...12...11...10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...)
Let it go...(1)
(Yo, we outta here...) [tires screech]
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