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Cummin' at Cha Lyrics
[Verse One: Erick Sermon]

Yes, return the last dragon, balls of fire
Back to attack, and sharp like barbed wire
The ruff rugged male human black alien
My style's, foreign, compared to an Israelian
I rock, and shock a new style
Hardcore's the profile, I bust a cap for the buckwild
I'm back in effect, how's that?
I'm not Teddy Riley but I'm swingin like a New Jack
You know me so yo check my flow G
I rock 48 Hours like Nick Nolte
And for your information...
I found wack MC's camps and do em like Jason
Yeah, doyouknow what they call me?
E Double who raps off the walls see
I work out, yeah I do my fitness
So I can find a mistress, while I'm in the business
A gold digger, with the hourglass figure (why?)
'I'm feelin sad,' damn nigga!
Now I'm rockin the house with Das EFX
They want EFX, yeah some live effects
M.D. got my back, so I'm goin for mine
So watch it, or pop pop pop goes my nine

[Verse Two: Parrish Smith]

Here we here we go... (who?) slow flow so watch the head blow
No rules in the rap game, I'm throwin elbows
(The name) Mic Doc (say what?) this is hip-hop
Roll with the Hit Squad, stomp like the Go-Bots
(Shiggedy shots bust) Parrish Smith rocks the spot
Pumps em off the block, hits because my tune knocks
Tower down over suckers next is Das EFX
(Biggedy mic check um, one two check uhh
I think I wann rock it M.D.) OK Drayz bet
Time to exit, yo, so I'm out there
If you want me you can find me at the crib
Still gettin mine rippin rhymes on the mainline
Don't play me or pop goes the nine

[Verse Three: Drayz, Skoob]

Biggedy bang yowza, higgedy howabout a mic wrecker
I biggedy break a back, I'm black and I can Decker
Nigga, ya figgedy figure the, way I kick it
I'm dashin, I stiggedy stuck Johnny for his Cash and
I trashed him, I miggedy made the bastard look sloppy
Copy, I pack a nine if you try to stop me

Niggedy I'm the bungle, I'm swingin it from the left so tell the Chef
Boy-ar-dee's niggaz nice, and plus I'm def
Tiggedy take your life asthma, the jibbedy jibber jabber ruff rapper
I wreck it then I step like a ladder
So add a, niggedy nother page into my rap book
I strike like, the weapon or a mother at the crack book

I giggedy give a fender, figgedy bender, to a tender, roni
Lik umm, Chachi, then Joni
She'll stagger, when I move my lips like Mick Jagger
She'll go goo-goo, gah-gah, they call me Ali Baba
The jibbedy jibber jabber, jibbedy jibber jabber, jaw
Riggedy wreck it quick and get, raw

I'm thiggedy throwin the slang, like a boomer-rang
Kill the rumor, bang, I steal a show like I used to steal Puma's
Then I rock it, a topic from the sewer or the trash can
I'm niggedy not the video game, but I'm like Pac Man
I'm slick right, I got more Dick than Van Dyke
Liggedy let the nines clap, cause I'm back to the Manpike
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