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Brothers From Brentwood L.I. Lyrics
[Verse One: Erick Sermon]

EPMD fans stay focused, E's about to freak it
Hardcore, but not rough enough to bleep it
So relax and chill, get down with the brother
And like Damon Wayans, we're Living in black Colour
Sheik, the beats make em freak
A unique technique, with flavors like Black Sheep
You know my style's mad rugged, you love it
You never heard the funk before the E was discovered
I'm bad, renegade wrangler, mic strangler
Funk arranger, E.D's danger
We make the sounds that make you *owwwww!*
Make you wanna scream like James Brown so I can rock a town
I'm real swift, I bring light to a skip
I rock the party all night, the crowd chant my shit
I leave at sundown, walk away chillin
Cool, and Keep Mental like Mike Bivins
Then I find the Hit Squad, and stop buckwhylin
Chump, cause I'ma...

[Verse Two: Parrish Smith]

Peace to the posse, yeah OK you got me
Another rap chumpie about to O.D.
Beat fanatic fiend from the hard scene
You know the kid in the Benz s-O with the fog beam
Skins cool I mingle girls are simple
'I'll be gentle, I'll be very gentle'
DOn't bug on my rap skill boy, because it's mental
Squaad is mad truck, quick to snuff a duck
No bluff, your neck'll get snapped so kill the ruff stuff
Brentwood's my town home of beatdowns
Dress code is don't care so take a chill clown
Smallest place on the map we're bustin big caps
Where girlies troop Tim boots and baseball caps
That's where I'm from chump, still buckwhylin
Bust it Hobbes, cause I'ma

[Verse Three: Erick Sermon, Parrish Smith]

Now it's time for me the E to rock it loco
No need to guess homeboy, you know my vocals
Gimme a break to stay focused on my tape
I'm more than great, I got the key to my state
I'm rough like brillo, I bust like a pistol
The b-boy form is nine mil or is til
the underground sound be pumped for the new jacks
Who loves you baby? I'm not Bo Jackson, get the bozack

Yeah, bo-e-oh-e-o-zack, check the format
Hardcore underground, just like Amtrak
Word to herb got more steel than Pittsburgh
So easy with the smart comments, or boy you get served
I'm cock-d keep you dancin like Ali
Collect the dough you know and then I'm Swayze
On the downlow, no profilin or buckwhylin
Bust it kid, cause I'ma
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