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Bac Stabbers Lyrics
[Intro: Erick Sermon (Parrish Smith)]
This goes out to all those backstabbers
I see you, uhh, yup (you know what it is)
You know what it is, yeah
Uhh, you ain't foolin nobody

[Parrish Smith:]
Yo, aiyyo you learn from mistakes made
You're never free until your karma debt's fully paid
That's why you stay on the path that your parents laid
Cause you never know who could be friend or foe
Even got some fam hatin, yeah a brother know
They say who'd you put on and cold slam the door
In your face like they never seen you before
Like you ain't totally down to take 'em on tour
Now everyone got a business on the top floor
They say what goes around comes around quick
Me and E see it yeah we just laugh at it
We got past our problems in the past and moved on
That's why mics are gettin wrecked and we gettin strong
Cause the past don't matter so kill the chit-chatter
EPMD reappear like abracadabra
Spot the devil real quick then rebuke that future backstabber

"What they do? " Now I can pick 'em all the time (backstabbers)
"What they do? " They always get you from behind (backstabbers)
They know, and I know "What they do? " (backstabbers)
And then they wanna "smile in your face"

[Erick Sermon:]
Yo P you can't trust nobody, not even family
Mad you got a Benz and they pushin a Camry
Walk around all day, steam like Stanley
Like he makin me sick, ain't that some shit?
But things change, after you break off some change
They whole madface get rearranged
Ain't that funny, how things are when it comes down to money?
Clouds turn to sunny
I'm always bummy, scared to put somethin on fly
Cause they might want somethin from me
See me on TV? That means I'm gettin it
See me with a chick, they think I'm hittin it
Well maybe that~! But that don't give you right
To count my cash, or judge my past
That's my garbage pail inside, that's my trash
That's my safe, that's my stash, backstabbers


[Parrish Smith:]
Aiyyo - they smile in my face, behind my back they talk trash
Mad and stuff because they don't have cash

[Erick Sermon:]
Like the E Double (or the PMD)
Yeah someone's happy to see the E not talkin to P
(Or the P not talkin to E)
But no one's stronger than God cause this here's chemistry

[Parrish Smith:]
And you can plainly see that gold LP

20 joints in the industry, lemme jog your memory


[Outro: Erick Sermon]
Yeah, EPMD, ha!
Backstabbers, they all over, haters, uh-huh
Hate you now, yes
It's all good
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