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Those Dogs Lyrics
I'm not much in to dogs and they're not in to me
That's my history, I can't change it now
Cuz those dogs are still on the prowl
Dogs are puppies, they grow up wild
And they don't do what you want them to
They treat you nice just to get a prize
And once they get it then they're through with you
Get your digits to call you back, you never hear form them again that's wack!
He tells you, your the only one that's fact
Then hits your friend up behind your back
He asked you out, to see a show
And lost his wallet, how he doesn't know
He asked you if, you'd pay the bill
He'll pay you back, oh yea I bet he will
(I bet he will) I bet he won't
He'll probably use it for a pack of smoke
(A pack of smoke) You know the kind
It makes you tipsy like a bottle of wine
They like to bite, they like to fight
They like howl at every girl in site
They like to beg, they like to whine
They like to smell at every stray behind
A stray behind
(You know the kind, they're big and round and they're easy to find)
Easy to find
(They are for dogs)
Cuz for a dogs life it's a world of fun
[Eklipse's rap 1]
[Eklipse's rap 2]
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