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Love U Crazay Lyrics
It's just like this,
I knew it from the first time i kissed your lips
I can't resist... the passion was so strong.
As I looked into your eyes, I became a little weak and i was mesmerized.
I lost all track of time.

Must be somethin' to it, (background: Must be somethin wrong with me)
I don't want to lose it,
I don't want to lose it,
Must be somethin' to it.
Love u crazay. (I'm crazay)(Crazay)
I got crazay love for you!
I adore you, always watchin' you, losin' sleep over you.
Yes I truly do, love u crazay! (I'm crazay)(Crazay)
I got crazay love for you!

It must be fate
I never would've met you if I wasn't late
Oh, my mistake for hitting your new car
Somethin 'bout you took me in, somethin 'bout that dark brown skin
Somethin 'bout that sexy smile, somethin 'bout you drove me wild
And now I'm crazy, they're gonna put me away


As I can't believe this world without the sun
I can't believe my heart without your love
Those who don't understand, I haven't had anyone to win my heart
Like you've done to me this far

[Kamil's Rap]
So what part of the game is this, I'm s'posed to be real smooth
Instead I'm stumblin' over words and s***, You got me nervous
Shakin', makin' my hands sweaty
Nobody's ever had this effect on sweet Sparzetti
I find myself doin' things I'd never do
Lately I've been b****in' on my friends and dissin other men for you
All I think about is you and I don't like you one bit, (what?)
Somehow you crashed into my life and now I'm crazay love sick


I'm in love with you
And my love is true
No one else will do
I got crazay love for you

So in love with so in love with so in love with you!
And you know it and you know it and you know it's true!
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