Eddie Cochran - Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie Lyrics

Eddie Cochran Lyrics

Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie Lyrics
Eddie Cochran

Well, Jeanie, Jeanie, Jeanie, come & dance with me
I'll a-teach you every dance from way across the sea

Yeah, first we'll hop
Yeah yeah yeah, then we'll bop
Yeah yeah yeah, then we'll stop
Then rock & roll, we'll do the stroll

Well, Jeanie, Jeanie, Jeanie, got my blue suede shoes
My pink carnation & my black slacks too


Well, baby, baby, you won't have to wait
I'll be ready at 8
I keep a-knockin' at your front door
All the cats are hoppin' at the big 5-4

Jeanie, Jeanie, Jeanie, when we reach the hall
We'll rock around the clock & really have a ball



(repeat bridge & verse 3)

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