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E-40 Lyrics

Wet Lyrics
Wet, wet, wet, wet [x4]

[Verse 1: E-40]
Uhh, I'm locked in I'm in the zone, I'm flanking
Train wreck got the whole room stanking
I'm feeling like I 'pose to be in sober is my enemy
Bailey's and Landy that's the remedy
Money and power that's a friend of me
Chain looking like a mini-me
Campaigning like a Kennedy
They ain't got no idea what it's finna be
Get'cha wet make ya sweat out'cha perm
Bay boy talk slicker than worm sperm
I used to ride with yola in my draws
1970 cutlass when it's Niagara Falls
I'm so wet I need a cloth (wipe me down)
Popo tryna dry a muthaf*cka off
My hydroponics a make ya cough
Off the underwater weave keys smoking like a bad exhaust
You mad cause I got your bitch wetter than bad weather
You had her dry like a sweater brah I'm the reason she left ya
I threw a party in her mouth then we f*cked on her momma's couch
Now she f*ckin' with a boss she ain't f*ckin' with no slough
I might go bad like a bad tooth, it's red and I'm caught loose
My forty caliber is my oust
You gang goofy muthaf*ckers is false mane I'm the truth
The prove, respect, a vet

[Hook: E-40/Ya Boy]
I get her (wet)
I get her (wet)
I miss that (wet)
I miss that (wet)
She say I'm (wet)
She say I'm (wet, wet)
Run on my hip (wet)
Nigga don't get (wet)

[Verse 2: Ya Boy]
They goin have to hunt for me it's something clean
Wetter than a submarine with sub machines
Funds of me why it be got mad cash
Shittin' on niggaz just wait till the gas pass
Kush feeling the room, niggaz need gas mask
All black Jag 15's kicking like Fan Dam
Nigga on my momma we (wet) like a ocean
Say we ain't the dopest nigga what'chu smoking?
(Wet, wet) Gotta be the shern
If it ain't money then it's none of my concern
Money the blow matta fact money to burn
See her money is mine but my money ain't hers
Flyest nigga standing on the corner of the curb
Cup full of grey goose rap for the earn
Always been a hustler, f*ck what'chu heard
Even outta school I had work like a nerd
Why I be the rockstar fly as a bird
Errbody know Ya Boy the shit like a turd
Cooking is up I know you see the pots stir
The realest in the game you niggaz imposters

[Hook: E-40/Ya Boy]

[Verse 3: Cousin Fik]
Money is the password, I never been a bastard
I always been a master don't believe me the naster
You ain't getting cash then your life's a disaster
Keep ya foot on the gas quick fast get Casper
I'm so carbon cocky, can't let'chu cowards stop me
Come through a Kawasaki's with the shower posse
And we all got text
Pull up in your jets
And we a leave yo ass (wet, wet, wet)
That's a bet (wet, wet)
Then I'm a jet
Cause I just got a text from my ex
Say she wanna have sex better yet she just gotta check
You leave it up to me took a leck
I'm a have her in deck cause she can even invest
And yes I guess it's on to the next
Took the chrome out my sweats through my chrome in the Lex
Left, now I'm on the phone with her best
Next, I'm a get some dome and leave a mess
All these wet girls are come to arrest
Cause they heavy A-plus and they pussy be the best

[Hook: E-40/Ya Boy]

Wet, wet, wet, wet [x4]
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