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F*ck You Right Lyrics
My lil' chocolate chip cookie
Every time I look at you darlin I get a woody
I'm tryin not to look but I can't get over your booty
Let me reiterate, excuse me, I meant your beauty
(Her beauty? Her booty)
If he don't wanna f*ck you, then I might as well!
If he don't wanna eat you, then I probably will!
You suck me 'til I spill, I like you 'til you squirt
You say your dude lazy and he don't wanna work? (Beitch)

[Chorus: J. Valentine]
You know I'm runnin these streets
Still need a late night freak
Baby girl come give it to me... I'll f*ck you right
Let me get you off that 'dro
Lick you down from head to toe
I'm a have you screamin for mo'...

Uhh! I had to speak, you're lookin good enough to eat
Caramel skin, she got that whip cream
Ass softer than Fruit of the Loom
All night make the bed go ba-boom ba-boom
Have you ever been touched by a tycoon?
Have your panties wetter than a typhoon
Coochie poppin bubbles, got that good gush gush
Keep it nice and shaved, not a 70's bush (beitch)


[Interlude: J. Valentine]
Girl you better give it to me now, cause I'll be gone later
Ain't a f*ckin game, I keep it true player
Ain't a f*ckin game, now give it to a player
Ain't a f*ckin game, now give it to a player!

Ain't nobody gotta know, we can keep it on the tuck
Keep it on the hush, on the slush when we touch
Keep it on the tucked on the hush when we cut
Girl (I'll f*ck you right)
Drink a little Landy, smoke a little kush
Take my time, do it right, we ain't gotta rush
I've been waitin months for the puss
Yup I was right - your pussy A+ (beitch!)


[J. Valentine:]
I'll f*ck you right
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