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Dr. Dre Lyrics

Topless Lyrics
[Verse 1 - Eminem]
My motto is "live by the bottle"
So why is my supply low?
Bring in a truckload with a high-low
Stay grounded but I still reach for the sky though
Ghetto idol I think, but what do I know?
Shit I know a lot more than I should
The hood stood by me just like I thought it would
Dont act like I'm Hollywood when I prob'ly could
I don't polly
Mohammed Ali of rap, I don't lolly gag
West Coast, the home of the bodybag
The shotty, the mag
Los Angeles, where the party at?
You can catch me anywhere where there's Bacardi at
Yeah, Andre is back so have a cardiac
Started back with the black
Rated starter cap
Gangsta rap, we practically f*ckin' started that
Everyday with this game I'm gettin' smarter at
Sky's the limit so everytime I get on a track

[Chorus - Dr. Dre]
Cause ladies when I shine. Nigga wish quick.
No startin I'm the shootin kind.
Front page all the time. You boys think sick but I aint got no roof on mine.
I drink Topless, I live Topless. Like my girl is the game with her titties out.
I drink Topless, I live Topless. Sky's the limit I'm paid to run the city now.

[Verse 2 - Nas]
Ya skins ya traveling bag of your existence.
Yours is shabby and scab while mines glistenin.
Vivid on my skin how many continents
I've visit then you could journey with me to different places by listenin.
Shittin on em. Ya brutha got it covered we can slug it,
knuckle it however you want I love it.
A hustler's wit. The grit the grind. My genetic code make-up.
Murderer by design. On my calendar time when night meets day.
I'm in a light grey bugatti like a high-speed chase.
Adrenaline like jogger the jump in rope in place.
The Muhammad Ali hobbies no pilates trying to keep the ocean by me.
Hit a rich man's wife see what these hoes can buy me.
Lookin forward but it's nice to see the rode behind me.
Hotel's a 7 star. Begets glowin.
Keep ya lid yet dawg the private jet bowin topless.

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