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Loose Cannons Lyrics
All my life, I've been down to ride
Till I kept it real and I stayed alive with no compromise
And I fantasize about the baddest bitch and being between her thighs
Then I woke up and realized this is my motherf*ckin' real life

[Dr. Dre:]
You know where the f*ck I'm from
From that muthaf*ckin' legendary
From the city where the niggas load clips and fats and get stabbed at home room should've skipped that class
Shit will never change on the West Side
Jack your shit, take your car for a test drive (Ah shit)
Gangbanin' out the window hollering let's ride
Gotta keep a tec by the bedside
These niggas don't know my life
All this pain and what I sacrificed
And all my niggas that lost their life, you never die, you never die
I'm in that motherf*ckin' one for a minute now
All y'all lil' niggas need to simmer down
Shut the f*ck up, I'm the one that's killing now
Take a look who on top of the pinnacle

R.I.P to KMG
I'm still gonna murder, and don't give a f*ck where the body at
You do too much talkin' I walk in the building I just give a f*ck where the money at
They trust me it's only just one of them
I'm callin' them shots and makin' the plays and if you get a train better f*ck with him
I keep it gangsta, y'all testin my patience
Got me feelin' so anxious, I be lookin' so facetious
Feel like running a capre

(Wait, hold up I got next)
(What up X)
Spent my birthday in Dubai
Skyrise surprise and I'm dressed like a spy
Black tux, oh you f*cks guess what, I'm ready to blow
(Yo, oh no)
I hang that 6-2 sideways
Pissin' off the neighbors scrapin' bumpin' in the driveway
You gave me the pistol told me to kill at will
(Blow, yo, oh no)
(I couldn't give a f*ck)
Literally, cashed out just livin' to me
Blast it like a Kennedy beat
Wanna get rid of 'em? Send them to me
While I'm just over here cozy holdin' these double D's
She book smart with pornographic abilities
(Well I don't know what you know
But I know I got that shit)
These motherf*ckers still talking? F*ck 'em!
That's why they bring X and the guillotine out
To stop these bitches niggas from runnin' their mouth
(It's bout time somebody said something)

[Cold 187um:]
One in the glove, one in the clip, one in the chamber
One on the dash, one in the stash, ready for danger
I'm ready to die I can't control this f*ckin' anger
Ah shit, somebody better f*ckin' stop me
Cause I'm a loose cannon that can't stand myself I'm bad for my own health
You niggas really think I give a f*ck about somebody else (f*ck em')
I swear to god I'ma do it, back the f*ck up I'ma do it, I swear to god I'ma lose it

Baby, baby
What the f*ck are you doing? Put the gun down
Really? Are you doin' this shit to me again?
(Oh my God)
You is so f*cked up for this
(F*ck It)
(Wait, wait, wait, wait)
I'm sorry!
Don't point the f*ckin' gun on me!
Okay, put the f*ckin' gun down!
No, no, no, no!!

Alright, I got her legs
Man this bitch is heavy
You gotta get under her armpits
Shut the f*ck up, I got it
What the, what the f*ck did you guys do?
It was this nigga
Shit, matter of fact you know what you go dig the f*ckin' hole this time
I don't give a f*ck it will be the first f*ckin' hole I ever dug
Who the f*ck is that?
I don't know, ask f*ckin' Charles Manson right here
Oh, oh, you're tryin' to be funny? You're really f*ckin' tryin' to be funny right now?
Shh, shh, shut your ass up
This is bad
This is, this is f*cking bad man
F*ck it, let's start digging
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