Dr. Dre - Chillin' Lyrics

Dr. Dre Lyrics

Chillin' Lyrics
VIP chillin', chillin', chillin'
Club poppin' chillin', chillin', chillin'
Press the death chillin', chillin', chillin'.
Who... out
All outside I'm chillin', chillin', chillin'
Music crazy chillin', chillin', chillin'
Mamy crazy chillin', chillin', chillin'
Damn who... out.

Yes I am ready to take you higher
Then you ever got the medicine in the fire
We're travelling like... when be holding the mighters
Bottles on dick, models on dick,
F*ck the... I'm a take you to the dick
I'm a mother f*cker alcoholic...
You take... shit I'm a bull of...
See me in a hot,.. probably think I got wings
... the party watching... nothing but bad bitches around my...
Nothing for black cause inside my jeans
Expose everything... she ready to... need that, need that,
So basically the base is whatever you call the shit nigga...


Big chillin' in this mother f*cker
That's how I'm feelin' in this mother f*cker
'Cause... everybody... on this kother f*cker
What you're looking for?
I'm looking for a bad bitch,
Somebody who can have a... magic, move some, work some,
She murder it, the cups're coming
I murder it a fly coming, and my direction why you're stressing
... I peel off
Lay the function... we consumption of something... she know we're f*cking.
My game just rewine...

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