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The Search Lyrics
[Intro: Saukrates]
(They say we killin' 'em all, all, all, all)

[Verse 1: Drake]
Hip-Hop's newest and youngest acquisition,
If this was you, I wonder what you'd do in that position.
Try to make a profit or try to make a difference,
Try to make 'em play your shit or try to make 'em listen.
I go from records with Dwele and LB and eLZhi,
The meetings where they tell me to start making records and t hey'll buy,
Now I'm at in A-Town,
A tellin' me trey sounds,
It's too mainstream if I plan on me stickin' a-round.
But the allure of this year's scream tour has been cuttin' all them jawns that be hurtin' the game.
I be dreamin' bout hoes and doin' them loud shows,
Shirtless, that's why I started to personal train.
Dog, personally maine,
I'm a person that came to bring purpose to a seem unless they purpose is game.
It never feel like it's earned when you purchase the fame,
Now my thoughts getting' deeper and I'm searchin' the game,
I keep on, on, on, on, on

(Yeah) I'm killin' 'em all, all, all, all
(Yeah) I'm killin' 'em all, all
I'm killin' 'em all, all

[Verse 2: Saukrates]
Let me show you how to blast up,
Now tell me who is a masta.
A mind never wasted,
Who grows fasta.
The young and incredible while lightin' yo ass up,
You look a lil red, we getting that cash up.
See where we from,
The 50s are bloody and the 100-dollar bill is dirty brown they love me.
I mess up my livin' room, the studio with my money,
A g-note is purple, grape juice stains on the front piece of,
My lapel, is custom-made,
You off the rack shit,
I'm off the chain, come on.
The dogs are loose,
And yeah we get at themon like san frisco bay,
With 40 and mac dre.
Eat it or forever lose a piece of your meal to me or one of my folk,
Drake'll give you the deal.
If bein' broke at 30 is a nigga that kills,
I guess we somethin' like two ice bergs huntin' to kill.
Keep on, keep on (uh), keep on (uh), keep on (uh)

(Yeah) I'm killin' 'em all, all, all, all
(Yeah) I 'm killin' 'em all, all
I'm killin' 'em all, all

[Verse 3: Drake]
Look, uh
I use to get 'em like murda murda,
Ol' time killin'.
I wasn't even rappin', spent my whole time chillin',
And now the girls like,
It's only drake got chased and so the artists I respected try and take my place,
But pimpin' ain't easy man and neither is rappin',
They one in the same when you need it to happen.
My city full of players they just needed a captain,
In-need of him right now and needed him him back then.
But back then I was act-in',
Now-a-days I serve back-hands with back-spin.
Tryin' to prove rappers are intelligent black men,
Whoever chose to back out is back in,
They say there's two sides to every story and three when the truth get told,
So grab a spoon 'fore your soup get cold.
When you drive it off the lot is when your coupe get old.
So please discover an answer 'fore proof gets sold.
And keep on, on, on, on, on

(Yeah) I'm killin' 'em all, all, all, all
I'm killin' 'em all, all
I'm killin' 'em all, all
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