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The Presentation Lyrics
And homie you ain't even on my altitude
I'm tellin you, I got enough cloud for two
And like a nxgga turn blood I came out the blue
They like, "damn who's drake, where's wheel-chair-Jimmy at? "
On my chris brown shxt. I'm still here. gimme dat.
I'm cuttin lights out like it's bedtime.
These other rappers luke-warm like redwine.
The truth hurts so please don't rub it in
I'm not signed yet, so I'm still budgetin'.
I'm like jeopardy-I'm still buzzin in.
Every city that you gotta nephew or a cousin in.
(ugh) I miss cake these days.
I can't even afford a mistake these days.
All of my favorite girls miss drake these days.
Please don't take offense to my ways.

Cause I need drug money
Who got drug money
I am talkin "white phantom sittin on dub" money.
I am talkin "cold champaigne at tha club" money.
And no I ain't emotional but baby I love money.
To all these A&R's that's playin stars
Why you gotta act dumb (dumb)
Your girl kno how I beat it like a flat drum.
I spit dirty like I'm chewin on black gum.
I fooled ya'll ain't shxt for me to come back from.

[beat changes]

[Drake: talking]
I'd like to take this opportunity to formally welcome you to this extravaganza that I call Comeback Season. Hope you enjoy your stay. drinks are on my by the way [laughs] yeah

How the fxck jay and dame gon' break up before they meet drake.
I'm sure it can be resolved I'm just hopin that they make up.
I've perfected my craft using [? ].
Tryna make some cheese off a single is a process.
Craft. single. cheese. process.
Sit back and admire the talent that I possess.
Top notch, no less.
Oh yes
I'm known in the city, but need to bust out like a model to show chest.
Cause you deal with agents from check collections.
I'm keepin it clean in a little X direction.
And babygirl if you don't like me it's probably due to the fact that you R.Lez (Ryan Leslie&are les[bian]) like next selection.
The city is mine, I control this.
You know this.
Cause you are nothing like it and I'm so this, the coldest.
I'm at Jamaica docked at the bay, WHAT UP OTIS? !
I'm back with the form like opis I go.
And I'm a teach it so you learn right.
You can't come on this ride you need to earn height.
With no hyrdo bill I let the lights burn out
And after that I take em' back like returned flights.
You can't miss the boy me and Rich.
United like Van Istle Roy?
Barmitsfa kidd
Get your hits destroyed
Cause I keep it under wraps like christmas toys.
No witnesses
No mistresses
This the present and I'm a show you wut gifted is mayne.
Keep it real no other youngins as hot as me.
You a gucci groupie my nxgga and I'm a prodigy
What I'm direct for
Cause I'm who they check for
I waited for connects
Why you was playin connect four.
You was playin uno
I was doin you know -wut-eva us rappers do to develop a new flow.
I promise
Yeah... yea

Shout out to 40-40
Yeah my right hand!
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