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Show Me A Good Time Lyrics
How did I end up right here with you
After all the things that I been through
It's been one of those days
We try and forget about
Take the shot and let it out
Let's get right
Now that I'm here baby...

Show me a good time
(Oh yeah, oh yeah)
Show me a good time
(Oh yeah, oh yeah)
Show me a good
Show me a good
Show me a good time
(Oh yeah, oh yeah)

[Verse 1:]
I live for the nights that I can't remember,
With the people I won't forget
Spending all the money I just work my ass off
For the things I won't regret
I've been waiting way too long long long long
Tellin' everybody that I know we about to be on on on on
I ain't tryin' look like I lie to these niggas that I came up with
That's my team, never would I let a woman come between
What we doing right now
This our dream, Wu Tang Clan niggas want that cream
I'm the Osirus of the shit right now
Go to guy for the hits right now
Whatever you wanna drink girl pick right now
If you can't hold your liquor you better quit right now



[Verse 2: Drake]
How 'bout you and all your morals in that outfit that you borrowed
Make the most out of tonight and worry bout it all tomorrow
Can't get me right and I do Wayne
Cash money young money pop champagne
Presidential suite girl Barrack Hussain
Tell me can we kick it like [? ] dawg
People really hate when a backpack rapper get rich
And start livin' that life dawg
Feels like when you gettin to that paper hip hop hates ya
They would do it just like I do if they could
It's in our nature
Ahh, young and rich and out of control
I [? ] blowing clouds to the killer
I came up in the underground though
So I'm a spend another ten thousand for Dilla
Call me over rated or creative or too jaded
Because any way you put it bitch I made it, YUP


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