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Drake Lyrics

Money Lyrics
[Chorus: Drake]
I take time to make
That money
Some break dimes get cake that
Flip 8 times get 8 stacks,
You cannot get jacked for free
And my proceeds and cash right,
There's no need to stash right,
Same 4 g's from last night,
You cannot take that from me,

[Verse 1:]
Hey, I'm moving on up excuse em moi,
Pardon it's me,
There's a new chapter to life that I'm starting to see,
And I'm gon make em spend money to the hardest degree,
But on the low I probably mimic every artist I see,
I need a house, a wifey, a nice watch, and a lot of cake,
I can't lie, there's certain figures I gotta make,
And for my family this a shot I gotta take,
Cause where I live there is nobody as hot as Drake,
Which basically means I'm faking this team,
Resorting a new car briefcases with cream
Trying to find a space in the jeans
For placing the green and watch get the attention the bracelet is clean,
I'm staying in music, wifey kinda need to be a band lover,
I keep it flowing old school like your grandmother,
I'm a tanned brother that use rubber bands to keep his money intact,
If you don't like it you should ban rubber,


[Verse 2:]
These days I can't really break twenty's,
Hunni, make money money,
Every month the government will take money from me,
May 750 look how quickly I spent that,
Don't call me broke cause I strictly resent that,
Last month P had to flip me the rent because the tax bracket I'm in is 50% flat,
All because of ebay giving me leeway basically through the paypal I need a raise now,
Seems everytime a n-gga stopping to eat,
I end up always trying to shop and compete,
They know that a n-gga buys if they got it in his size
And he cops it in more colours than popsicle pete,
Till I bow to the top with receipts,
Stressed the stores and I don't understand less is more,
Wanna get em all to the point where they owe me,
And they gon see that Drakes on his J-O-B.

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