Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew - The Show Lyrics

Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew Lyrics

The Show Lyrics
Topic: The Greatest Entertainer
Got more jucie than you get in your container
But to say fresh as we are fresh
And leave everyone with a smile
I though the proper thing for me to do is to come back doin' the beat
Harmonica Style...Bust it....Bust it...
Now the proper thing for me to do is to use my style
Come out a little different and plus worthwhile
Leave the girlies with a smile
Couples down the aisle
Hip Hop troopers in single file
And you could hear the invitation
On our rado station
Before we go, we need some motorization
So ladies, you wanna rock with me?
"Yes we do!"
Chill Will, just hit me
Fellows, are you with me?
"It's only right!"
Barry Beee, get busy, come on
(Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go)
The music is movin'
And homeboys is coolin'
And everything is on schedule
And I'm rulin'
The mike with one hand
Runnin' down the plan
The name of the game is to understand
Ladies first and homeboys come second
And I hope that I can recognize
The difference in the girl and the guys
'Cause some men want to be cutie pies
I'll say it again, like I said it before
"Yo, he's not the Herb"
Word to Big Bird, hops
I'm not the Herb that you're lookin' for
I'm the
Greatest Entertainer
Now I could even do the beatbox when I cough
And no, I'm not soft and I don't play golf
But yes, I rap
Like a jolly ole chap
And like a Chameleon, I'll adapt
To a phrase and make the ladies go crazy
I don't want no one to praise me
Just realize this jam is the move
And bust the groove 'cause I'm smooth
And bust the new dance called the Doug E. Fresh groove
Swing on it
Makin' rap music is our profession
There's only one chance at a first impresson
But there are times with records you hear
That out of nowhere seem to catch your ear
Attention and you mention it
To your friends and they say
"That was DEF, play it for me again"
So first you try to find it
And then you rewind it
And then you say, "who could have designed this"
Growin' to know that it's only me
Chill Will and Barry Bee make G.F.C.
And I'm the, and I'm the, and I'm the, and I'm the
Greatest Entertainer
So clap your hands everydoy
and if you feel good, stomp your feet
'Cause I'm 'a rock this rhyme on the solo side
And Get Fresh is gonna hold the beat
Bring it down
The time on the clock was made to tell
We be kickin' and tickin' and rockin' you well
This time, we'll rock stronger
And last much longer
Money back guarantee, we are gonna
Show you things you never thought to see
I know I know you know because we're G.F.C.
We're gonna show you
I know it'll grab you and hold you
And if it don't like it, it'll grow on you
But then you wont' know how to get away
But that's all right 'cause it's OK
And it's soothin' music and this I swear
Not 'cause it annoys to the human ear
Talented brothers with a bouncin' beat
And we learned our music from New York streets
Don't drive a blue sedan
And it's things I can't stand
I hate hearng "I can't," I know you can
Be smart, be wise, and keep stars in your eyes
And keep your mind from the killer, "GET HIGH"
My word is my sword
And I use my vocal cords
And I'm jammin' in the name of the Lord...

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